Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Who Is His Wife? How Much is His Salary, Net Worth?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Who Is His Wife? How Much is His Salary, Net Worth?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a former Swedish footballer whose performance in the world of football will always be remembered. The former striker has won 32 trophies in his career, putting him in second place on the list of the world’s most decorated footballers. Ibra Abracadabra, as he is often called, has a haul that is unique to him. He exudes a high level of self-confidence and believes he is the best footballer in the world. He describes himself as “king”, “lion” and even “god”. Of course, you want to know more about the great footballer and there is even more…

Who is Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic was born on 3 October 1981 in Malmö, Sweden. His parents were interfaith, as his father, Šefik Ibrahimović, was Muslim, while his mother, Jurka Gravić, was Catholic. His siblings (some of whom are half-brothers and sisters) include two brothers and three sisters – Sanela, Sapko, Aleksander, Monika and Violeta Ibrahimovic. The former star of Barcelona and Manchester United started playing football when he received a pair of football shoes at the age of six. There is no information about his school or university education.

Ibrahimovic began his football career as a child, playing in local youth clubs in his home town, including Malmö BI. He stole other people’s bikes to quickly transport himself to football training, which took place far away from home. But he wasn’t always so quick-tempered, as he stopped playing football at some point (what a waste of talent that would have been). Ibrahimovic decided to take a job at the docks in his home town, which would see him leave football altogether in 1996, at the age of fifteen. When he heard this, his then team manager at his home club Malmö FF advised him against this decision and urged him to continue playing the sport while offering him his first professional contract. His commitment at this young age made him a regular player in the starting line-up of the team. Three years later he joined the club’s senior national team for the 1999 football season, which was his first season in the Swedish top league. After two seasons in the top flight, he moved to AFC Ajax for a fee of £6.5 million.

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a national hero in his native Sweden. His influence on world football is so great that his name is now a verb and can be found in the Urban dictionary. Zlatan” means being incredibly great at everything and for everyone, having a big ego for it and being physically or verbally smooth. He can speak five foreign languages fluently, including Italian, English, and Spanish. His native language Swedish and Bosnian complete the number.

What is his net worth and how much does he earn as salary?

Ibra has amassed an enormous fortune over the years through his beloved sport. After playing in Italy, Spain, England, and the United States, the trip for the superstar have been a money spree. His one-year contract, which he signed in 2016 with Manchester United, England, for example, was worth almost £19 million. However, he had to accept a huge salary cut (95%) to move with LA Galaxy to the US, where his annual salary is $1.56 million (£850,000), which is equivalent to $29,400 a week (16,000 a week).

Not only does he draw his wealth from playing on the pitch, but the former Juventus striker also earns from his numerous commitments to companies such as Volvo and sportswear giant Nike. His sponsorship contract with Nike, worth over $2 million a year, is set to run for four years (2015-2019). In 2016 he launched his own sportswear brand – A-Z Sportswear. Ibrahimovic also has a free Android game called “Zlatan Legends” available for download for purchase in the application.

In addition to the above, Zlatan Ibrahimovic also has his own brand of perfume and aftershave, which he revealed through his Instagram handle. He wastes his money on fast cars and real estate. Ibrahimovic owns a Lamborghini Gallardo, a Maserati Grand Tourismo, a Ferrari Enzo and an Audi S8, all four of which cost well over $2.8 million. He owns real estate in his hometown Malmö, in Paris, New York, Miami and in Stockholm.
In 2015, it was worth $39.1 million according to Forbes, but that has risen astronomically, as his net worth is currently somewhere between $110 million and $160 million.

Who is Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s Wife

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been together with his longtime partner Helena Seger since 2002 and she is the mother of his two sons Maximilian Ibrahimovic and Vincent Ibrahimovic, born on 22 September 2006 and 6 March 2008 respectively. Ibrahimovic is 11 years younger than Seger, but that doesn’t stand in the way of their love. Reports say that the couple married in a secret wedding (which will be very different from Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s), but there was no public mention of it by the turtledoves, except in interviews where Seger refers to Ibrahimovic as her ‘husband’.

Helena Seger is a Swedish model and businessman, born August 25, 1970, in Lindesberg, Sweden. She was relatively unknown until her association with the enigmatic football star Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The millionaire businesswoman, who began her career as an actress, has a degree in economics. At the age of 17, she worked as a bartender and when she realized that she was receiving many compliments for her looks, she went into modeling. Eventually, she also became an actress before she got a job at Bonnier Presenta. Seger has two siblings, a brother, Henrik, and a sister, Karin.

His body measurements: Height and Weight

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a Swedish giant! He is a boss on the soccer field because of his sheer size. He has an athletic physique and he works constantly to keep himself fit. No wonder he can still play at this age. His training routine is such that he concentrates on his upper and lower body every week and continues in the off-season. Ibra is 195 cm (6 ft 5 in) tall and his body weight is 91 kg (201 lbs). His other body measurements are 42½ in (chest), 15¼ (biceps) and 35½ (waist).

Does Ibrahimovic have Tattoos?

The former Swedish forward has several tattoos on almost every part of his upper body – abdomen, arms, back, wrists, etc. – inked. Most of them are permanent, some others have been dyed temporarily to achieve the desired effect. But the underlining is that all his tattoos have their meaning. The numbers tattooed on Ibrahimovic’s right wrist are the birth dates of all the male members of his family, which includes his father, his brothers and two sons. He calls them the “Zlatan Ibrahimovic Code”. On the upper part of his right arm is the name of his father “Sefik” and the names of his sons in Arabic letters.

In a rather dramatic way, he has the opposite of the tattoos he has on his right hand, on his left. On his left wrist, the birth dates of his mother and sister Sanela are inked. The name of his mother “Jurka” is colored in Arabic letters on the left biceps. When asked why he tattooed the women on the left side, he answered that the women are closest to his heart.

Right under his right arm are two playing cards and a dragon tattooed with red ink, which seems to refer to the warlike side of his personality. On his left shoulder, there is a grey inked Koi fish. The Koi fish is known to wade through obstacles when swimming in the water, and Ibra says he has learned to wade through obstacles in his life. The choice of grey instead of orange for the Koi fish is because the grey Koi fish are usually the wild ones, unlike the orange Koi fish that can be found in ponds. The eagle feather on his right shoulder symbolizes endurance and strength.

Ibrahimovic has a “Clap Back” tattoo. For the media and the tabloids, who could report and write about him whatever they want, or the fans who could boo him whenever they want, his answer is the tattoo on his belly, which reads: “Only God can judge me”. During his time with Manchester United, he had the image of a grim-looking lion’s head tattooed on his back. Also on his back is the “Vitruvian Man” by Leonardo da Vinci, the tribal symbol of the Maori and a Buddhist monk image.

On 14 February 2015, Ibrahimovic took off his jersey during a match for Paris Saint-Germain in Ligue 1 against French club Caen to reveal 50 names of people who were temporarily stained on his abdomen. He said he did it to draw the world’s attention to the 805 million people in the world struggling with hunger. His plan was successful because the next morning the names of the people in every French newspaper were important.

What are the football records only Zlatan Ibrahimovic holds?

These are not the only records Zlatan Ibrahimovic holds in football, but they are the records he holds alone for things he did on his own. The records come from his time in the various leagues (five of them) in which he has played during his illustrious career.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the top scorer in his country, Sweden, and the only Swedish player to have scored in three UEFA European Championships in a row.

He has won 13 league titles in four different leagues: Eredivisie, Serie A, La Liga, Ligue 1, and he’s the only player to have done so.

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Ibra has scored in nine different derbies in six leagues. The only player who has done that.

When he moved to the English Premier League, Ibra scored the 25,000th goal in the league and became the oldest player to score 15 goals in a season. He was 35 years and 125 days old when he scored the 15th goal.

He scored in his first three EPL matches for Manchester United and is the only player to have done so in the club’s history.

After playing for Paris Saint-Germain in the French Ligue 1, he was the only player to become the highest scorer in the league for three seasons and also the best scorer ever in the Ligue 1.

He is the only player in the French Ligue 1 who scored up to 38 goals in a single season. He also holds the record for the fastest hat-trick in Ligue 1, which is 9 minutes.

In Barcelona, he is the only player to have scored a goal in his first five Spanish La Liga matches.

He is the only player in the UEFA Champions League to have played for seven different teams and scored a goal for six of them. The teams are Ajax, Juventus, Inter Milan, Barcelona, AC Milan, Paris Saint-Germain, and Manchester United. He has not scored a UCL goal for Manchester United.

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