Are there rags flying here? The reality stars Matthias Höhn (27) and Jenefer Riili got to know and love each other on the set of the series Berlin – Day & Night. Together, the former lovebirds had a little son. But after a fling by Matthias, the relationship between the two broke up. They are now friends and always put their son Milan first. They recently announced that they would start a coparenting vlog. Now the first episode came online – Matthias and Jenefer clashed in it.

At the beginning of the vlog, Matze picks up little Milan from daycare. But he also admits: “Actually, I should have brought him today.” In a flashback you then see how the reality star called Jenefer in the morning and asked her to do this job for him. His son’s mom seems angry about it. “Didn’t you think of that yesterday?” she asks him. But in the end she admits defeat and jokes that she will make an announcement to him.

But the fans of the two take it with humor and celebrate them for their authentic style. “This will be my new favorite series,” writes a follower in the comments. Another fan is sure: “I can tell it’s going to be so fun – for us.”