Joseph Sikora Married, Wife, Age, Ethnicity, Gay, Girlfriend, Height

Joseph Sikora Married, Wife, Age, Ethnicity, Gay, Girlfriend, Height

For most of the popular and celebrated people out there, achieving celebrity status was quite instantaneous. It just happened, and at times when you least expected it. But for celebrities like Joseph Sikora, it was a gradual but steady process.

Joseph recognized his fondness for all things entertaining, and in the early days of his life, he resigned himself to the decision to be part of the world of entertainment. His chosen profession was to revolve around the industry, and so he began to work towards it as early as possible.

Over the years, he has done well as he has managed to secure a decent fan base and critical acclaim. Nevertheless, it would not be out of place to claim that his best is yet to come. Here is a profile of the American actor. It includes the basic facts of his biography, his personal life, and other facts about him.

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Joseph Sikora Bio, Age and Ethnicity

You probably know Joseph Sikora as Tommy Egan in the Starz crime series Power. What you may not know is that the man has come a long way. Before Power, he received remarkable attention as Wayne Applewood in “Normal” by HBO Films in 2003, and when the film received several awards and nominations, including 3 Golden Globe Awards, it put Sikora even more in the spotlight.

We have traced Sikora’s acting career back to his childhood. His earliest distinctive appearance as an actor was probably when he appeared as a child in a TV commercial with Michael Jordan. Joseph made his professional acting debut in 1990; he made his Broadway debut in 2006, and since then he has played several characters in films and more on television.

To succeed in his chosen profession, Joseph gained acting experience at the Piven Theater Workshop in Illinois, Evanston. To deepen this knowledge, he became a student at Columbia College in Chicago. At this institution, he earned his degree in theater studies.

Joseph Sikora Married, Wife, Age, Ethnicity, Gay, Girlfriend, Height
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The actor, who is now a member of the Shattered Globe Theatre troupe, was born on June 27, 1976, in Chicago, Illinois. Although we do not yet know all the details of Joseph Sikora’s family background, it has been established that he is of Polish descent. It is also suspected that he is of Dutch and Slovenian descent.

Wife or Girlfriend, Is He Married?

You may meet Mr. Sikora, who reveals that he has received an Ovation Award for theatre in Los Angeles and a Joseph Jefferson Prize, but it is very unlikely that he is talking about his love life. Just as it is not known who his girlfriend was, it is difficult for a person to authenticate whether the man is married and who his wife is.

Nevertheless, it is generally believed that the man married in 2014. It is said that he married a make-up artist in 2010, whom he met on set while working on Terence Winter’s crime TV series “Boardwalk Empire”. Nothing is known about the woman the actor is supposed to be married to, not even her name.

Anyway, it is reported that the couple lives with their dog Ruby in Manhattan and that Joseph’s mother Barbara once expressed that the woman the actor has made his life partner is a perfect match for him. Assuming that he is really married, as is claimed, it is still unknown whether the marriage was blessed with children. Joseph is very serious about keeping his private life private.

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Is Joseph Sikora Gay?

Many people cannot say whether the actor is married or not, but among those who believe that Mr. Sikora is actually married and with a woman, it has been suggested that he is gay. Since Joseph cannot be romantically involved with any partner of his sex, it was quite difficult for us to find out why it was suspected and assumed that the man was sexually attracted to men.

Eventually, we had to find out that the source of the suspicion was Tommy Egan’s role in Power. Apparently, the make-up he wears for the role and his behavior when portraying the Tommy character is a bit gay for some viewers of the series. However, there is no concrete evidence that could support speculations about the actor’s gayness.

Joseph Sikora’s Height

If you have been wondering how tall the actor is, you don’t have to make guesses about that anymore, here’s the fact – Joseph Sikora is nine (9) inches taller than five (5) feet. Yeah, he is 1.8 meters tall.

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