Paul Goldschmidt Bio, Wife, Career Stats, Salary and Other Details About Him

Paul Goldschmidt Bio, Wife, Career Stats, Salary and Other Details About Him

Paul Goldschmidt is a talented first baseman baseball player whose skills have earned him, among many other honors, five All-Star appearances and twice second place in the Most Valuable Player award.

Goldschmidt, who has earned the nickname Goldy, currently plays in Major League Baseball for the Arizona Diamondbacks. Read on to learn more about his early beginnings, career statistics, achievements, and personal relationships.

Paul Goldschmidt Biography

Paul Goldschmidt was born on September 10, 1987, in Wilmington, Delaware, as Paul Edward Goldschmidt, the son of Kim and David Goldschmidt. However, he grew up in a suburb of Houston, Texas, called The Woodlands, where he attended Woodlands High School.

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For his college education, Goldschmidt decided to stay near his home and attend Texas State University, where he was to play for the school’s baseball program, the Texas State Bobcats. As a freshman, Goldschmidt showed signs that he was the great player he is today. He took time to learn the basics before he began to impress in his sophomore year and was named Southland Conference Hitter of the Year.

Paul Goldschmidt Bio, Wife, Career Stats, Salary and Other Details About HimPaul Goldschmidt Bio, Wife, Career Stats, Salary and Other Details About Him
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In 2009, Paul Goldschmidt retained the title of Southland Conference Hitter of the Year as a junior and was also named Southland Player of the Year, while being named to the All-American’s third team. This year he played a total of 57 games and achieved a batting average of 0.352 with 18 home runs (HR) and 88 runs (RBIs).

After his performance this year, Goldschmidt was voted into the eighth round of the MLB Draft 2009 by the Arizona Diamondbacks. However, he was immediately sent into the Rookie League to play for the Missoula Osprey, where he continued to impress his coaches, beating 0.334 in the first half of his professional career along with 18 home runs and 62 RBIs.

The following year, Goldschmidt moved to the California League, where he was named the most valuable player after being elected All-Star. He was also named Minor League Player of the Year by the Diamondbacks.

In 2011 Paul Goldschmidt was named Player of the Year by the Diamondbacks. He has also received honors such as Baseball America first-team Minor League All-Star, Double-A All-Star first baseman, Southern League All-Star first baseman, and Southern League MVP.

On August 1, 2011, he finally received the call to play in the Major League. In his rookie season, he played 48 games and had a batting average of .250 with 8 home runs and 26 RBIs. The team then played in the playoffs of the 2011 National League Division Series, where Goldschmidt hit a Grand Slam home run against the Milwaukee Brewers to become the third rookie to ever hit a Grand Slam in the post-season.

In 2012, Goldschmidt played three times as many games as in his rookie season. He hit .286 with 20 home runs, 82 runs, 82 RBIs, 43 doubles, and 18 stolen bases. In addition, this season saw him complete his first two regular Grand Slams in his career, each four days apart.

To date, Paul Goldschmidt has continued to play for the Arizona Diamondbacks, with whom he has won various singles and team awards.

Paul Goldschmidt Career Statistics

Before Paul Goldschmidt attracted the attention of the big leagues’ coaches and became a professional, he set records for home runs (36), doubles (45), walking (110), and RBI (369) in the state of Texas during his three-year college career. He then became the first Texas State player to play in the Major League.

After being drafted by the Diamondbacks and sent into the Minor League, Goldschmidt achieved a total batting average of 0.317 with a percentage of 0.407 on-base and 83 home runs during his two and a half Minor League seasons.

To date, Paul Goldschmidt has played 1013 games in his eight-year Major League career, achieving a batting average of 0.296 with 193 home runs and 669 RBIs.


Paul Goldschmidt Bio, Wife, Career Stats, Salary and Other Details About Him
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Paul Goldschmidt is married to Amy Goldschmidt, whom he met as a freshman during his time at college. The couple married in October 2010 and have a son named Jake Goldschmidt, born in September 2015.


In 2018, Paul Goldschmidt took home a base salary of $11 million, having previously earned a base salary of $8.75 million and $5.75 million in 2017 and 2016, respectively.

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Other Details About Him

Paul Goldschmidt is of Jewish and European descent.

Although Goldschmidt became a professional and left college after three years, he later returned to the University of Phoenix, where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Management in 2013.

He is an evangelical Christian.

Goldschmidt’s awards and honors include the 5-time All-Star (from 2013 to 2017), the 3-time Gold Glove Award, and the Silver Slugger Award (both in 2013, 2015, 2017). Other awards include the NL Hank Aaron Award (2013), the NL Home Run Leader (2013), and the NL RBI Leader (2013).

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