Witwix Bio, Girlfriend and Other Facts To Know About The Online Gamer

Witwix Bio, Girlfriend and Other Facts To Know About The Online Gamer

Make no mistake, online gameplay, and game streaming have become a giant in their own right in the gaming industry. Even specific skills within online gaming, such as speedrunning, have developed into a huge online gaming niche of their own. Witwix is a professional online gaming superstar who excels in this niche and will not back down in the foreseeable future.

Playing games has been one of the main activities in Wix’s life for over 20 years. One thing is clear – gaming is a passion of his. But he has also managed to turn his hobby into a big moneymaker, even though he admits that the money he earns sometimes surprises even him.

Witwix Bio

Witwix was born on 16 May 1989 as Tom Burke. For all the humor he shows in his games, Witwix is a pretty private person. There is no information about his birthplace, his education, or his family.

Wix fell in love with gaming when his uncle gave him a Super Nintendo game – he was five years old at the time. His uncle immediately regretted the decision, as Witwix lost almost any semblance of social life. While other kids went to the park or stayed overnight, Tom decided to stay indoors and play for four or five hours at a time. He has maintained this average playing time for over twenty years.

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Luckily, Tom avoided the idiocy his uncle thought he was getting into by playing. He grew up like any normal person, went to school, graduated, and got a pretty decent job. His love of gambling, however, remained with him. And then one day, in early 2014, he left his job. He lived on his savings for a year and started his streaming channel for online games.

But as many would have expected, he did not go the conventional way and started a YouTube channel, but chose the relatively smaller platform Twitch. Witwix says he saw that this would be a huge gaming platform in the future and decided to use it immediately. Apparently, his decision paid off.

Wix did not have to wait long before he started making money, even though it was far from enough money to live on. But his situation began to change as he gained popularity with his quirky, interactive, and humorous gaming sessions. Perhaps his greatest boost came when he won his Speedrun title in 2015 with the indie game I Wanna Be Boshy.

What is Witwix Net Worth?

Simply put, no one knows. Initially, a large part of Witwix’s income came from donations. He saw small donations of $10 and $20, often from his many twitching fans, so he could continue to play. In an interview with PSMag, Witwix says that he was always surprised by the occasional large cash donations of $1000 and more from ordinary people who just loved to see him play.

Witwix Bio, Girlfriend and Other Facts To Know About The Online Gamer
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Eventually, as his audience grew into the hundreds of thousands, money from advertising began to flow and soon usurped donations as his main source of income. A small percentage of his income also came from paid voluntary subscriptions to his channel.

Who Is Witwix’s Girlfriend?

Judging by his social media posts and those of his fans, Wix was in a relationship with a lady named Jendenise, who is also a Twitch streamer herself. The relationship didn’t run smoothly and it was reported that the couple broke up several times.

In 2017, however, it seemed as if they had separated forever. This was intensified by their tweets. Jendenise revealed in a not so veiled tweet that she moved away from Wix and moved away from his place because she did not trust him anymore.

After the separation, reports appeared that the online gamer was a terrible friend. In particular, it was reported that he had invited her to dinner the last time just to break up with her. Reports indicated that she would move in with the manager of The Wobblers, a group Witwix happens to be among.

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Other Facts To Know About The Online Gamer

1. He is a businessman who believes in the power of entertainment

Wix runs his station like a business and values the fact that he makes money off of it. However, this has earned him a bad reputation, especially in some areas of the niche of the fast-moving game. They say that making money with speedrunning is an attempt to destroy the pure nature of the niche spirit.

But Wix believes the exact opposite. He believes that streaming games (especially speedrunning) are 75% entertainment and only 25% of the actual gameplay. Witwix says that most speedrunners think that one should do without entertainment and concentrate only on the gameplay. The superstar among online gamers argues that this approach would give him much higher speed-running

scores, but would lose his audience. And in truth, it’s probably Witwix’s personality, his energetic comments, and the cheerful interaction with his audience that keeps him coming back.

2. He banned a follower for addressing him by his real name

There was some controversy over the real name of Witwix, which appeared on a Reddit thread in 2017. The Reddit who started the thread said he had been banned by Witwix because he called him by his real name during a stream in his channel. He says that every attempt to right his wrongs, including apologies and donations, has failed. While other editors were discussing the issue, another contributor offered that Wix’s real name was not Tom Burke, but Witherford Wixorian.

Judging by several online profiles of the player, however, the former name won the debate.

3. Witwix also has a YouTube channel

Although the professional player depends exclusively on Twitch for his business, he runs a YouTube channel. This channel, however, does not serve the purpose of making money. He only uses it to post highlights of his live games on Twitch.

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