Dermot Kennedy Bio, Age, Wiki, Family, Facts About The Singer

Dermot Kennedy Bio, Age, Wiki, Family, Facts About The Singer

Dermot Kennedy is living proof that it’s better to be late for a party and have fun than anyone else who was there before you. He is a musician who is quite new to the scene, but who has accomplished accomplishments that older musicians still find difficult to follow. The young guy has only one album, but his countless EPs and singles announced his genius and made him sell out to the amazement of many shows and concerts.

The singer is a talented songwriter, who became famous especially through the single “Power Over Me”, which turned out to be his ultimate ticket to superstardom. Here you can find all the details about the age and family life of the popular singer.

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Dermot Kennedy Biography (Age)

Born on the 13th day of December 1991, he was christened Dermot Joseph Kennedy by parents whose names are not known but who have proven to be his number one fans. He was bred in the small town of Rathcoole where he was born, a little way from Dublin, Ireland. From an early age, Dermot’s first love was a sport, and he played football and supported local clubs.

As he entered his teenage years, Dermot Kennedy’s passion for sport faded when he discovered his passion for music. At the age of 10, he began learning to play the guitar, and by 14 he had gone as far as writing his own songs. To support his passion, his mother personally found a place to study classical music at university, and for three years he worked on his skills.

While learning what he could at school, Kennedy’s father often volunteered to take him to the city of Dublin where he performed at the Open Mics to practice what he learned at school and sharpen his skills.

His professional career began during the years he worked as a street musician in Dublin and Boston while attracting a huge crowd of fans who often eagerly followed him. He also participated in a number of local talent contests until he won the South County Song Contest, which is famous as the starting point for a whole range of new talent in music. The victory set him on the road to true fame, and soon the opportunities came his way. Spotify Discover Weekly honored his victory with a resounding increase in the number of streams for his works.

Dermot Kennedy – Bio, Age, Wiki, Family, Facts About The Singer
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Since Kennedy had no management at the time, he went to Spotify himself, and they ran a mini-campaign for his song After Rain, and this became the real turning point for the young artist who had been looking for a record deal until then. Soon his songs were streaming on the streaming platform up to four million streams per month. With the proceeds from his fame at Spotify, he financed shows in New York and Los Angeles, which were sold out and created a huge demand for record companies, which called soon after.

While Dermot Kennedy released his works on Spotify in 2016, he did the same for the works of his then band Shadows and Dust, a band he formed with some of his school friends. Two years later, in 2018, the singer did not have an album, but he received good reviews in every respect and sold out his shows. Currently, the singer has a self-titled album, which he released in 2019, two EPs, and many singles.

His Family

Dermot Kennedy comes from a not-so-big family. He has not revealed the names of his parents, but he acknowledges how much they supported his dream of becoming a great musician. When he grew up, his parents had a huge piano on which he practiced and learned to play. In the music business, we should also mention his sister Claire, who is an excellent pianist but became a doctor nonetheless.

The singer’s aunt is the renowned RTÉ station Mary Kennedy, who is as interested in his music career as his parents were.

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Facts About The Singer

1. Body Stats

Dermot Kennedy was described as having the body of a real athlete. He is tall, has broad shoulders, and could pass for a rugby player. This is not surprising, considering that he was very fond of sports long before he turned to music.

2. Influence

Dermot has had the opportunity to work with many artists including Lorde, Glen Hansard, Mike Dean, and others, but he loves everything about Justin Vernon and says it’s a dream come true to work with his band Bon Iver. For his folk music style, the singer said he was influenced by artists like David Gray, Ray LaMontagne, and of course Hansard.

3. Audience

Spotify took Dermot Kennedy off the streets and gave him an audience that any aspiring artist would be proud of. His audience reached a new level in 2018 when the hugely popular Taylor Swift handpicked him and put him on a Spotify playlist. This was a huge boost for the young singer and ensured that his single “Boston” was often among the top five results on the streaming platform.

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