Keven Undergaro Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship With Maria Menounos

Keven Undergaro Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship With Maria Menounos

Keven Undergaro is known for his ingenious creation of an online broadcast network called AfterBuzz TV. He is also a writer and film producer. In terms of his films and productions, Keven directed the indie comedy Adventures of Serial Buddies and recently produced the critically acclaimed Netflix hit This Isn’t Funny. He has also been involved in the production of some influential documentaries such as Elders and Losing Lebron.

Keven Undergaro Bio (Age)

Keven Undergaro was born on 16 November 1967 in Massachusetts, United States of America. The name of his parents remains unknown, however. According to reports his parents were both employed at the time of his birth. That’s all we can say about his family right now.

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As an adolescent, he was a lively young lad with an addictive interest in video games, comics, television, and movies. He made it clear that he loved these things much more than his studies.

Undergaro graduated from Saint Anselm College, where he majored in history but was unwilling to commit to a career in history. His creativity led him to apply for a job in Hollywood. He became a carnival worker on the East Coast to finance his trips to Los Angeles, where he worked as a television writer. Later, Keven became the lead author of MTV’s Singled Out. He decided to make an independent film after working for MTV, which left him bankrupt and homeless. This brought him out of the Hollywood game.

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Career-wise, Keven Undergaro is the creator of AfterBuzz TV. AfterBuzz TV was a huge success for Keven and others in the network. It has become the largest online broadcasting network in the world. In 2015 his network reached one billion downloads for the second year in a row. This was a tremendous achievement for Keven. He is also co-creator of the popular ABC series America’s Dance Battle. On this project, he is working as executive producer together with Julianne Hough and Maria Menounos.

His Net Worth

According to reports, the American author, producer, and director has an estimated net value of 10 million dollars. In addition to his entertainment efforts discussed above, he earns money as executive producer for the SiriusXM talks with Maria. Furthermore, the man is expected to earn a lot of money with his latest project – The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro. He describes the show as an overnight talk show for those who are known for taking the less-traveled path.

Keven not only collects wealth for himself but also for other people. He has created several stunning jobs, including Black Hollywood Live, the first urban online broadcast network. Talk show queen Oprah anointed the station as “the next big thing in Hollywood.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Keven advises celebrities, dreamers, and laypeople on career issues. Surprisingly, he proudly does these things for free or 10% good karma, as he says. He enjoys working in the pet rescue and house renovation business.

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The impact of AfterBuzz goes beyond Keven. It has been recorded to promote the careers of a number of top hosts and personalities including Kat Bailess, Suri Serano, Krisily Kennedy, Eboni K. Williams, Derrial Christon, Cathey Kelly, AJ Gibson, and many others.

Relationship with Maria Menounos

Keven had a relationship with Maria Menounos since April 1998. He proposed to her on the Howard Stern Show on March 9, 2016. They were married in Times Square on December 31, 2017. The ceremony was conducted by Steve Harvey and broadcast live during his New Year’s Eve special for Fox.

Keven Undergaro Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship With Maria Menounos
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It once went around that the man in his failed film project went bankrupt. Keven met Maria Menounos, who was 19 years old at the time and had her own epic dreams. This was the time when Keven Undergaro was committed to Maria’s career and his career. He became more serious about his life and business and no longer took part in the “college life” of celebrating.

As is widely believed, Keven studied all aspects of the entertainment industry to know how he could best contribute to the development of Maria’s brand as a journalist, writer, and digital pioneer.

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