Leondre Devries Bio, Net Worth and Family Life of The British Rapper

Leondre Devries Bio, Net Worth and Family Life of The British Rapper

Leondre Devries is a British rapper known as one half of the duo, Bars, and Melody. He raps under the nickname Bars, while his second, Charlie Lenehan, sings as Melody. The duo became famous after winning third place in the television series Britain’s Got Talent, a reality contest. They are under contract with Simon Cowell’s record company Syco and released their debut single Hopeful in July 2014, followed by a studio album 143, which was rated 4th in the UK. Since then they have released an EP and two other albums.

Leondre Devries Biography

The British citizen was born on 6 October 2000 in Port Talbot, Neath Port Talbot, United Kingdom. He is named Leondre Antonio Devires and was born under the sign of Libra. He is the fourth of five children; three older brothers Ben, Jacob, and Joseph (Joey), and a younger sister Matilda (Tilly), born of his parents Antonio and Victoria. Two of his siblings, Joseph and Matilda, are also singers.

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As an adolescent, he had to endure bullying for four years, which caused him to change schools. Leondre Devries attended the Glan-Afan comprehensive school. Before joining Bars and Melody, he rapped under the nickname, Little Dre. Devries wants to sensitize people to bullying and therefore each of his songs is based on his personal life and experiences. Where he gets his desire to sing from, he won’t reveal yet, but it is safe to assume that the talent to judge by his other siblings lies in the family.

Leondre Devries – Bio, Net Worth and Family Life of The British Rapper
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One day in September 2013 he was visiting Facebook when he stumbled across one of Charlie Lenehan’s videos. Leondre Devries was immediately fascinated and wanted to see the talent in real life. They finally met and immediately clicked over their love of music and decided to form the duo Bars and Melody. He provides the group with the raps as Bars, while Charlie sings under the name Melody. However, they did not stop forming just one group but auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent in February 2014.

They played a performance of Hope from Twista and received a golden buzzer from Simon Cowell, who sent them straight to the semi-finals. In the semi-final, the duo Faith Evans and Puff Daddy’s I’ll Be Missing You played. In the end, they finished third, and in June 2014 they were awarded a £500,000 music contract with Cowell’s record company Syco. They released their debut single Hopeful on this label the following month. They finished 5th in the UK, 56th in Ireland, and 6th in Scotland, and appeared on the television shows Good Morning Britain and This Morning to promote their project. They also appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Bars and Melody followed in August 2015 with their first studio album 143, which reached 4th place in the UK and produced new songs, including the singles Stay Strong and Keep Smiling, both of which also entered the charts. They released their EP Teen Spirit, a five-track project in 2016, and two more albums, Covers and Generation Z in 2017. Bars and Melody were released in the UK, the United States, Japan, Europe, and Australia.

Outside of the group, Leondre Devries was also the host of the British TV series Friday Download. He also loves go-carting, paintball, and bowling.

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Family Life of the British Rapper

As already mentioned, Leondre Devries is the fourth oldest child in a family of seven. He grew up alongside his three older brothers and his younger sister. His father, Antonio Devries, is a stonemason as well as a promoter and helped to promote the activities of the group. His mother, Victoria Lee, is a personal trainer.

Leondre Devries – Bio, Net Worth and Family Life of The British Rapper
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Joey is also a singer and was a member of the boy band Overload Generation, which participated in the eleventh series of The X Factor. His sister Matilda is also a singer and is part of the duo Daddy Said, which is also produced by her father. His father threatened to sue the group in March 2016, claiming that he had written the song “Hopeful”.

Until Britain Got Talent, Leondre Devries lived with his father but moved in with his mother after he became famous.

In the meantime, Melody was born on October 27, 1998, in Frampton Cotterell in South Gloucestershire, South West England, but lives in Cologne, Germany. His family consists of his mother, Karen James, who is a cook, his stepfather, a businessman, and his younger sister Brooke.

As for the dating front, he was with Carla Brocker and had a relationship with Eloise Lindsay.

Net Worth

The 5-foot 9-inch tall rapper has come a long way in his career. From 2017 on, his net worth already counted in the millions. It was estimated at $3 million and would have increased slightly since then.

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