Tom Araya Bio, Wife (Sandra), Daughter, Son, Family, Height, Age, Religion

Tom Araya Bio, Wife (Sandra), Daughter, Son, Family, Height, Age, Religion

The Chilean-American musician Tom Araya is the bassist and singer of the thrash metal band Slayer. He has been with the band since its formation in 1981. Until the 2010s, Araya was known for his aggressive headbanging during performances, but due to a larynx injury that led to surgery, he became more stable and subtle during his performances.

With Slayer, he has won two Grammy Awards for the songs “Eyes of the Insane” and “Final Six”, both from their 2006 album Christ Illusion, widely regarded as one of their most successful albums of today. Slayer has sold over 5 million records in the United States alone between the early 1990s and 2013. After 37 years of performing together, Slayer went on their farewell tour in 2018.

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Tom Araya Bio (Age)

Tom Araya was born Tomás Enrique Araya Díaz on 6 June 1961 in Viña del Mar, Chile. When he was 5 years old, his family moved to the United States, where they lived in Maywood, a small town in southeastern Los Angeles County, California. The neighborhood was known for recurrent gang-related violence.

Tom Araya – Bio, Wife (Sandra), Daughter, Son, Family, Height, Age, Religion
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Influenced by his older brother named Cisco, who played guitar, Araya developed a passion for music at the age of 8 and started playing bass guitar. Together with his brother, he played songs from the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

In his early twenties, at the suggestion of his sister, Araya took part in a program that would make him a certified breathing therapist. Soon he got a job and became a founding member of the heavy metal band Slayer in a short time after he was approached by Kerry King. The band started recording with the help of the money Araya had earned as a breath therapist. In 1983 their debut album Show No Mercy was released.

Throughout this time Tom Araya kept his day job, but conflicts in the schedule between the job and his tour dates later forced him to quit the job in 1984.

Besides his older brother Cisco, who played guitar, Araya has another brother named Juan “Johnny” Araya, who plays bass like him and is part of the melodic death metal band Thine Eyes Bleed.

Tom Araya Family – Wife (Sandra), Daughter, and Son

Tom Araya is a family man and a loyal family man. Since 1995 he has been married to his wife Sandra Araya. Each of them has the other’s name tattooed on his arm. Maybe it was their common fascination for horror movies that attracted them to each other. At the top of her favorite list are The Horror of Amityville and The Chainsaw Massacre in Texas.

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Araya and his wife have a daughter, Ariel Asa Araya, born on May 11, 1996, and a son, Tomas Enrique Araya, Jr., born on June 14, 1999. His two children are home-schooled. The family lives in Buffalo, Texas. There Araya and his wife run a ranch with at least 60 head of cattle.

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Tom Araya’s Religion

Tom Araya has helped make some of the most “demonic” songs the world has ever heard and has made the subject of his religion a controversial one. Slayer was one of the bands that used many satanic images in the 1980s. Tom Araya himself spoke openly about his fascination with serial killers, which inspired many of the songs released by his band. He has openly shown that he has the most twisted mind in the band when it comes to thinking about ways to kill people and death in general. Despite Slayer’s heavy use of satanic images, Tom Araya has maintained that he is a Catholic, believes in Christ, and is a God who loves everything.

He has also stated that the image of his band could never conflict with his belief system, which he believes is rock solid. However, many have found his explanations to be hypocritical. Tom has pointed out that the widespread belief that Slayer’s members are Satan worshipers is just a misconception. He specified in 2016 that the main reason why Slayer used satanic images was to scare people.

Height – How Tall Is He?

Tom Araya is beyond an averaged sized man standing at 5 feet 10 inches tall which is the equivalent of 1.78 m. His hair color is black while his eye color is dark brown.

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