Who Is Alyssa Edwards, What Is She Known For, Who Is Her Husband?

Who Is Alyssa Edwards, What Is She Known For, Who Is Her Husband?

As a small child, Justin Johnson’s father dreamed of becoming a football player for his son. After he was forced onto the bench because of an injury, he was interested in more than just watching the game being played by others, what the cheerleaders on the side were doing, the dancing, and everything else. This was to be the birth of Alyssa Edwards as we know her.

Who Is Alyssa Edwards? Biography

While it’s as Alyssa Edwards that we have all come to know her, it was as Justin Dwayne Lee Johnson that the drag performer was born on 16 January 1980 in Mesquite, Texas. He grew up with 4 siblings in Texas, and when he grew up he was a strange child who loved pink things with his sisters.

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When he grew up, his father decided to sign him up for Little League football, but after he ended up with a broken arm, he realized that playing football was not what he wanted to do. Justin went to West Mesquite High School for his education.

Who Is Alyssa Edwards, What Is She Known For, Who Is Her Husband?
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What Is She Known For?

Alyssa Edwards is known as a drag interpreter. The journey to what she begins when an uncle who was a gay actor invited Justin to join a local drama community in which he was involved. Edwards was given a small role to play, and with a very good performance, his uncle wanted him to get even more involved in the theater because it was easy for him to pick things up.

His next destination was to be the Joy Sharp School of Dance, where he was enrolled by his mother with the help of his uncle to learn jazz music. There he became interested in choreography, and when he had no classes, he stayed behind to watch and learn some steps to practice with his sisters.

When he wanted to start her career as a drag performer, Justin Johnson decided it had to be Alyssa Edwards. Alyssa because he grew up with Who’s The Boss! and Alyssa Milano was his choice because she is beautiful, charismatic, and funny. He chose the name Edwards because of the former drag queen Laken Edward, who was one of the earliest people who trained him.

Alyssa Edwards Career Life

The inspiration for Edwards to become a drag interpreter came when she was 19 years old. This was the first time she went to a gay club and it was all surprising to find such a place, but it was the beginning of something new for her.

Edwards has won many beauty pageant titles in the past, including Miss Gay Texas America (2005), and was named Miss Gay America Alternate the same year. She was also named Miss Gay USofA (2006) and Miss Texas Continental in 2007 and 2009. In 2009 and 2016 she won Miss Shining Star Continental and Miss Gay America respectively. The Southern Elegance All American Goddess and All American Goddess came in 2010.

Who Is Alyssa Edwards, What Is She Known For, Who Is Her Husband?
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Johnson is the owner and director of the Beyond Belief Dance Company, which performs not only as Alyssa Edwards. He founded the school as a result of the fantasy he had since childhood to become the Steven Spielberg of dance. As a choreographer and director, Justin wanted to tell stories with his movements and dance, which further strengthened his motivation for founding the company.

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Justin Johnson has also appeared in several television shows and films, sometimes as Justin and sometimes as Alyssa. His performances include Hurricane Bianca (2016) and the second part in 2018, Beyond Belief (2015), and he is working on a documentary that will soon be released on Netflix, “Dancing Queen”.

Who Is Her Husband?

Unlike many people who are gay, Justin has hardly ever come out. In his first year at college, he came home with blond hair and thin eyebrows, which shocked his father, but not his mother, Sherrie Johnson. When he tried to tell his mother that he was bi-sexual, she said she knew he was gay and loved him for who he was.

In 2014, Alyssa said in a YouTube video that she had a boyfriend named Marco whom she called on set. Nothing more is known about Marco or anyone she went out with. What’s more, there is no public record of Alyssa’s married life or whether she even has a husband.

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