Alanah Pearce Bio, Age, Height, Boyfriend and Other Facts You Need To Know

Alanah Pearce Bio, Age, Height, Boyfriend and Other Facts You Need To Know

Alanah Pearce is a podcaster for the IGN show and a YouTuber who also acts as an editor. The Australian is known for her editorial skills on Save Game and for the shows in which she shows Button Bash, among other things.

She has also done very well in video games and has become a remarkable online gaming star. Alanah publishes her game content on her YouTube channel under the title “Let’s Play”. Some of these games are Fandango and Until Dawn.

Alanah Pearce Bio (Age)

Alanah Pearce was born on August 24, 1993. She was born in Australia and her mother’s name is Susan. Susan can be seen as a guest actress in some of her videos, such as the game video entitled Until Dawn. Pearce has a degree in Mass Communications, Journalism, and Entertainment from the Queensland University of Technology. She has been featured in Sunrise, where she appeared as herself in 2012, and The IGN Show (2017) as Miscellaneous Crew and Producer.

Alanah Pearce Bio, Age, Height, Boyfriend and Other Facts You Need To Know
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She became famous when she began her social media career in 2009. But what put her in the spotlight was her self-titled YouTube channel. Alanah’s first video on YouTube was about things gamers usually don’t say. It was posted in 2012 and won her a host of fans and followers. The YouTube star also interviews stars and has interviewed a number of stars in recent years. These include Jeremy Shada and Vic Mignogna.

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As a video journalist, Alanah has worked with Videogamemes, Luna Digital, Zelda Universe, and YouTube (GamesHQMedia) at various points in her career. From October 2012 to October 2014, she was a presenter for Xbox Australia’s event coverage and has experience with other prestigious names including the BBC, GameBug, and Reel Feed. In November 2015, she became an editor for IGN Entertainment under the Toys and Culture section. IGN Entertainment is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and Alanah currently holds the position of producer at IGN Entertainment. She became a producer in March 2017.

Her Boyfriend

It is reported that the Aussie is with a member of Rooster Teeth Productions named Blaine Gibson. They met in San Francisco and have been in a love relationship for well over a year. Blaine also met Alanah’s parents and as we all know, this is almost always a sign of commitment. So although they are not married yet, they are expected to become life partners soon.

Alanah Pearce Bio, Age, Height, Boyfriend and Other Facts You Need To Know
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Height and Other Facts about Alanah Pearce

The Australian journalist/YouTube star is quite tall at 5 feet 10 inches. Other details of her body measurements have yet to be confirmed.

The Rape Threats Drama

In 2014, Alanah Pearce was a real media trend when she began receiving rape and sexual threats from some teenagers and properly passed these threats on to her mothers. She reportedly began receiving these threats on average once a week. Usually, the Brisbane woman ignored these villains and then banned them from her social media accounts.

But when things became really worried, she decided to inform her parents and forward such threats to them. Her routine was to locate their parents or close relatives through her Facebook profile and send them messages with a screenshot of their child’s abuse sent to them. This was to teach them a lesson or two.

Most of the perpetrators were young male children who mostly visited YouTube and Facebook to continue their unseemly acts. Apart from the threats, she also said that she received abuse messages and hate mail from these perpetrators every day. Admittedly, this was not her first time dealing with such cases, as she had dealt with similar cases at school. Alanah noticed the effect that cyberbullying has on many people and showed them that there are real consequences for such actions outside the virtual world. Authority figures were also the ones she went to report some of these abuses, threats, and hate messages.

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She is also popular on Twitter with over 162,000 followers and calls herself @Charalanahzard on all her social networks. Charalanahzard is actually simply a combination of her name and Charizard as follows charALANAHzard.

Birth sign: Virgo

Birth City: Brisbane, Australia

Dislikes: cats

Favorite fictional female character: Joanna Dark (Perfect Dark series)

Top female role model: Her mum (Susan)

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