Amelie Lens Biography, Family, Facts About The Belgian DJ

Amelie Lens Biography, Family, Facts About The Belgian DJ

Put Amelie Lens and techno music in the same room, and whatever you get as a result is sure to be explosive. Amelie Lens has established itself as probably the hottest object in the genre of electronic music. The Belgian has a huge worldwide fan base and is almost always booked for shows throughout North America and Europe, accompanied by crowds of people and enthusiastic applause. Her rapid rise to fame has generated both praise and envy from fans and elite DJs who have been there before her.

Since she caught the bug of electronic music as a teenager, the music DJ with record producer has never looked back. Lens has released over five EPs and owns her own record label. She has also worked with her partner and manager (Sam) on a business venture in the past. All this happened before she decided to concentrate fully on her music.

Amelie Lens – Biography, Family, Facts About The Belgian DJ
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Amelie Lens Biography

Lens, born on May 31, 1990, in Vilvoorde, Belgium, has always had an eclectic taste in music. Growing up, she listened to Boys Noize, Nine Inch Nails, Ellen Allien, Underworld, and many others.

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She used to love to go on music tours and festivals, but in 2006 – at the age of 15 – she visited one that set the course for the rest of her life. This happened at the 2006 Dour Festival in Belgium. She had wandered into one of the tents where techno music was booming. When the sound of the music came over her, she remembered that she had fallen in love with this genre. Amelie spent the rest of her teenage years traveling to techno music shows all over the country.

Before Amelie Lens decided to pursue a career as a DJ, she had several odd jobs, including cleaning toilets. She was then scouted by a modeling agency and then worked as a model for various fashion brands and elite fashion photographers such as Tim Walker, Levi’s, Harrods, and Jean-Paul Gaultier.

Towards the end of her time as a model, she took her DJ craft seriously and began to train and perform at smaller local gigs, she even started to make soundtracks for fashion shows. Lens found a way to create a schedule that allowed her to let her work as a model and as a DJ coexist.

At the time, she and her boyfriend Sam lived in a three-story house that they had bought in Antwerp, from where they ran an oatmeal factory, Baerbar. The other floors of the building also served them as a music studio and apartment.

Amelie Lens – Biography, Family, Facts About The Belgian DJ
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During this time, Amelie Lens was signed to the Italian record company Lyase and they worked together to produce their first studio release, Exhale. She then joined the Pan-Pot label for her second EP and began performing at major events.

It had become too difficult to juggle her responsibilities as a business owner, model, and DJ, so she gave up everything else to focus on her music career in 2016. This decision heralded a period of amazingly rapid growth in her career and led her to start touring more internationally and building an addictive fan base that showered her with praise and gifts everywhere.

By March 2019, the Belgian DJ had released six EPs, including the highly successful Contradiction EP from 2017 and the Basiel EP from 2019, produced under Lenske Records, a label of which she is a co-owner.

Her family

Not much is known about the family of Amelie Lens, except for her grandmother with whom she grew up. Amelie was born and raised by her mother Renee, who was single. The tragedy happened when Amelie was just five years old. Her mother, who was just 32 years old at the time, suddenly had a heart attack and died.

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As a result, little Amelie spent the next six years bundled together from one aunt’s house to another and finally ended up with her grandmother at the age of 11. As a result of her mother’s death, Amelie became afraid to have children of her own, fearing that they might go through the same thing as she did. But it also made her realize that life was only temporary and gave her the extra motivation to make something out of every second that life gave her.

Facts About the Belgian DJ

1. Lens constant late nights due to concerts she attended as a teenager were a big cause for concern for her grandmother.

2. The modeling agency she had scouted met her at the same festival and on the same day she fell in love with techno music.

3. On the evening of her 18th birthday she met her boyfriend, partner, and manager Sam in a club. The two made a connection through their mutual love of electronic music, and he was her first tutor in DJing and music production.

4. Amelie Lens has been DJing under various names, including her mother’s name – Renee.

5. In September 2016 she fainted just before one of her performances with Pan-Pot started. At that time she gave up both her work as a model and the business she was running with Sam.

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