Is Shaun Evans Married, Who Is His Wife? Girlfriend, Biography

Is Shaun Evans Married, Who Is His Wife? Girlfriend, Biography

English actor Shaun Evans broke into the spotlight thanks to his role as crack detective Endeavour Morse in the ITV drama series Endeavour. Evans has earned high critical praise for his effortless performance of the role. Since Shaun began his professional career in 2002, he had to contribute for a decade before making his breakthrough in 2012. Here is a look at Shaun’s career to date and other aspects of his life beyond acting.

Shaun Evans Biography

Shaun Francis Evandi was born on March 6, 1980, in Liverpool, England, to Irish parents. Evans grew up in a middle-class family – his father worked as a cab driver while his mother worked in the health service in a hospital. He grew up together with his older brother, who is barely a year older than him.

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Shawn Evans discovered early in his life that he wanted a career as an actor. With a scholarship, he attended Merseyside Catholic School, St. Edward’s College, in 1991 and graduated in 1998. As Evans described to Express in 2016, his college was “very academic, but quite musical”. Originally he wanted to pursue a career in history and politics, but his love of acting led him to take a course at the National Youth Theatre. At the age of 18, Evans then moved to London to attend the Guildhall School of Music & Drama.

Is Shaun Evans Married, Who Is His Wife? Girlfriend, Biography
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In London, Shaun Evans cast a handful of roles in stage plays before the television roles came. Some of his earliest television shows were: Channel 4’s comedy-drama, Teachers, in which he portrayed a gay French teacher, the docudrama The Project, and the mini-series The Virgin Queen.

His first feature film was the 2002 comedy-drama The Boys from County Clare, and Evans came to set parts in other films such as Being Julia, The Situation, Cashback, Gone, Boy A, Telstar: The story of Joe Meek, and more.

Evans juggled between television roles, film roles, and theater roles. In the theater, he had a role in the award-winning play Blue/Orange by Joe Penhall. He played Kurt Cobain in the Roy Smiles play Kurt and Sid and also starred in the Peter Souter play Hello/Goodbye. Some of his other notable television shows include BBC’s Ashes to Ashes and Silk, The Take, and ITV’s The Last Weekend.

Evans’ career received a boost after he was cast as the young Inspector Morse in Endeavour. Besides acting, Shawn Evans is also interested in directing. He directed several episodes of the BBC medical drama “Casualty”. When Evans is not acting or directing, he enjoys writing.

Wife or Girlfriend, Is He Married?

Shaun Evans is not one to reveal his private life to the world online. In real life, he is quite mysterious, as he has no Facebook or Twitter accounts. His private life is just a mystery to his thousands of fans. Evan’s scenes in his hit show Endeavor included a handful of romantic scenes, and fans can’t help but wonder what his romantic life might be like in real life.

Is Shaun Evans Married, Who Is His Wife? Girlfriend, Biography
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Well, we know this, that in 2003 Evans began a romantic relationship with actress and singer Andrea Corr, whom he met on the set of The Boys from County Clare, an Irish comedy-drama about a Céilí band from Liverpool. It was Shaun’s debut film.

While Evans was something of a newcomer to the industry, Corr had a wealth of experience as she began her career in 1990. She is best known as the lead singer of the Celtic folk and pop-rock group The Corrs. The band includes her three older siblings Caroline, Sharon, and Jim. Corr has also pursued a solo career.

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Unfortunately, their relationship lasted only four years when they separated in 2007. As is typical for the ever-initiated Shaun, details of their breakup remain unknown to the media. Corr would marry stockbroker Brett Desmond in 2009. The couple is now parents of two children; daughter Jean was born on April 28, 2012, and son Brett Jr. was born on January 4, 2014.

Since Shaun separated from Corr, the media has received no news about his love life. Therefore, it is not possible to say for sure if the Endeavour star is in a relationship.

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