Is Wilson Bethel Married? Who Is His Wife, Does He Have A Girlfriend?

Is Wilson Bethel Married? Who Is His Wife, Does He Have A Girlfriend?

Wilson Bethel definitely has everything you need to be a leading man in Hollywood – good looks, charm, and talent. Looking at his resume so far, there is no doubt that the actor will continue to do great things in the entertainment industry. Wilson has been active in Hollywood since 2004, although he took a short break from 2005 to 2008 to concentrate on other things.

The actor is best known for his roles as Wade Kinsella in Hart Of Dixie and as Charles Mahoney in How To Get Away With Murder. As for the actors, Wilson Bethel does not get the recognition he deserves. Fortunately, his luck is about to change, as he has been cast as Bully in the third season of the critically acclaimed Netflix superhero series Daredevil.

The character Bully – who is an assassin – is described as a psychopath who has chosen his profession as a means to pursue his murderous inclinations. It will undoubtedly be a complex and dark role that will give Wilson Bethel a chance to flex his acting muscles and show Hollywood what he is capable of.

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Wilson Bethel Bio & Age

Stephen Wilson Bethel was born on February 24, 1984, in Hillsborough, New Hampshire, United States, as the son of Steve Bethel and Joyce Maynard. Joyce, his mother, is the author of To Die For, The Good Daughters, and The Usual Rules. The actor has two other siblings – Charlie Bethel and Audrey Bethel.

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In addition, not much is known about his early life, as he keeps this part of his private life mostly away from the media.


Wilson Bethel first appeared on television with smaller roles in programs such as NCIS, Cold Case, and JAGS. In the 1968 Vietnam War movie Tunnel Rats, he starred as a soldier in Army Special Operation Soldier. He also appeared in the HBO miniseries Generation Kill and played Corporal Evan “Q-Tip” Stafford. Later, Wilson appeared in the HBO documentary Making Generation Kill.

In addition, Wilson appeared in various television series and films such as The Young And The Restless, Hart Of Dixie, Inherent Vice, The Perfect Student, and How To Get Away With Murder and showed his acting skills.

In Hart Of Dixie, he played Wade Kinsella, the bad neighbor boy and lover of the main character of the series, Zoe Hart, played by Rachel Bilson. Wade, the character, was a bartender you could call “eccentric. Although Wade was written like a somewhat ambitious and immature playboy, the way Wilson Bethel played the role with charm and heart is to be welcomed.

Wilson Bethel recently starred in the 2016 Harley And The Davidsons TV mini-series as Ray Weishaar, a Class A racing champion.

Wilson Bethel is also the creator and star of the hilarious web series Stupid Hype for the CWD (CW Digital) online platform of the CW. The series also featured Job Huerta, Rochelle Aytes, Vince Green, and Flava Flav.

Wilson Bethel Net worth

The talented actor, Wilson Bethel, has amassed an impressive net worth of $4 million. He reportedly earned a large portion of that impressive sum through endorsement deals. Considering how ambitious and relentless he is in his career, we will surely see this amount increase in the future as he continues to take on bigger and better roles.

Personal Life – Married or Girlfriend?

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Who would have expected the dashing actor to be single and childless? Yes, it is true; although Wilson Bethel is surrounded by beautiful women most of the time, the actor is not scandalous and he is still on the market.

At present, it is not known whether the reason for his unmarriage is that he has not found love or that he simply does not believe in the institution. Maybe he swore to be a Hollywood bachelor like George Clooney before Amal.

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His life as a bachelor, however, is not non-existent; in 2014 he dated Hassie Harrison, an American actress best known for her roles in Southbound, Dementia, and The Iron Orchard.

We have all seen Wilson Bethel skilfully display his romantic side on the screen, making everyone jealous, but in reality, his love life is quite different. If he currently has a significant other in his life, that would make him very adept at keeping his love life a secret.

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