Kevin Youkilis Bio, Wife, Sister, Kids, Family, Height, Measurements

Kevin Youkilis Bio, Wife, Sister, Kids, Family, Height, Measurements

For various reasons, history would find it difficult to forget Kevin Youkilis’ achievements in baseball. From the Boston Red Sox to the Chicago White Sox and the New York Yankees to the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles, the professional career of this first/third baseman, who spent most of his season (2004 – 2012) with the Red Sox, led him to become a three-time MLB All-Star, a two-time World Series Champion and a Boston Red Sox Hall of Famer.

He also received the Gold Glove Award in 2007 and the AL Hank Aaron Award the following year.

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While the above provides the most important career highlights of the former American baseball player, Youkilis began to make his mark in the game several decades ago. He was already a player at the All-American College in 1999, and before that Kevin helped his high school team win the Amateur Athletic Union National Championship in 1994.

Kevin Youkilis – Bio, Wife, Sister, Kids, Family, Height, Measurements
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In addition to the facts of Kevin Youkilis’s baseball career, the following is a wealth of information about his wife, family life, and physical characteristics.

Early Life, and Rise to Fame

They wouldn’t take long to find out that this former baseball player was born on March 15, 1979, in Cincinnati, Ohio.

As an adolescent, Kevin Edmund Youkilis was as interested in acting as he was in playing baseball. He even had an unappreciated role in the 1994 film Milk Money, but his love of baseball eventually overshadowed his love of acting.

Kevin was a student at a public high school (Sycamore High School) in his hometown of Cincinnati. He proved his flair for playing with the school team and kept up with them in college by playing for the Cincinnati Bearcats at the University of Cincinnati.

It was in 2001 when the Boston Red Sox signed Kevin Youkilis, he thrived as a minor league player and it was only inevitable that he would be called up to the major leagues, this happened in 2004. Youkilis had his time with three other teams before retiring in October 2014. He is currently a consultant for the Chicago Cubs.

Kevin Youkilis Family – His Sister, Wife, and Kids

Kevin Youkilis came from a family with mixed heritage. While his father Mike came from a Jewish family, his mother Carolyn came from West Virginia. It is said that she only accepted Judaism after she became Mike’s wife.

Kevin’s only known sibling is his brother Scott, with whom Kevin bought the Los Gatos Brewing Company in August 2016 and renamed it Loma Brewing Company. As far as we know, the baseball star has no sister. This came to light in 2012 when it turned out that Youkilis wants to make the New England Patriots’ quarterback, Tom Brady’s sister Julie Brady, his wife. It was big excitement when people started asking about the baseball player’s own sister(s) and who she is married to. Nothing came of it as Kevin could only be connected to one sibling, his brother Scott Youkilis.

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Anyway, Kevin and Julie got married later in 2012, they had a silent ceremony in New York City to celebrate their union and have been blessed with two sons, Zachary and Jeremy, so far. Kevin is now also the father of Jordan, Julie’s daughter from a previous relationship.

Kevin Youkilis – Bio, Wife, Sister, Kids, Family, Height, Measurements
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Julie Brady is not the first wife of Kevin Youkilis. Before her, the former baseball player was married to Enza Sambataro. The two of them celebrated their union, albeit not formally, already in 2008 in Mexico. However, the marriage was only short, as the couple separated in 2010. Until Kevin and Enza dissolved their relationship, she was the CEO of Kevin Youkilis Hits For Kids, a charity that Youkilis founded in 2007 to support and raise awareness of health issues related to children.

As we have learned, the current wife of Youkilis was once a special education teacher and, like her husband, is a fan of sports. In fact, she played football while studying at St. Mary’s College in California.

Kevin Youkilis and his family live in Los Gatos, California. The former baseball player once expressed that his family is a happy, sports-loving family. Like his wife Julie, his daughter is in love with football, and his sons are already fascinated by the game of bat and ball.

Height and Measurements

You no longer need to speculate about the height of the man, because the fact is that Kevin is one centimeter taller than 6 feet (1.85 m). Although we still have to authenticate other details of his body measurements, it is assumed that he weighs 99.8 kg.

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