Michael Malarkey Wife, Family, Height, Age, Biography, Other Facts

Michael Malarkey Wife, Family, Height, Age, Biography, Other Facts

Fans of the CW hit television show The Vampire Diaries will know Michael Malarkey, whom he played in the series Enzo, very well. The British-American actor was a popular character in the series and is a popular figure among fans of the series.

Michael Malarkey Biography (Age)

Michael Malarkey was born on June 21, 1983, in Beirut, Lebanon, the son of an Irish-American father, Jim Malarkey, and a British mother, Nadia Malarkey, of Arab-Italian descent. Michael Malarkey and his family settled in Yellow Springs, Ohio. He is the oldest of three brothers.

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This boy was interested in the arts very early in his life. In 2006 Marlarkey traveled to England to study at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. His humble beginnings in London began with the theater. He began appearing in various theater productions, including leading roles in Spring Storm, a play by Tennessee Williams, and Beyond the Horizon by Eugene O’Neill at the Royal National Theatre, a play that was an adaptation of The Great Gatsby in the role of Jay Gatsby. He later appeared in the Million Dollar Quartet in the role of singer Elvis Presley.

Michael Malarkey Wife, Family, Height, Age, Biography, Other Facts
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Outside of the theater, Malarkey has also appeared in several films and television projects, including short films such as Good Morning Rachael in 2009 and Ghost in the Machine in 2012, and on television, he secured recurring roles in series such as Raw and Mr. Sloane.

He was then given the recurring role of Lorenzo in the supernatural drama series (The Vampire Diaries) developed by Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec. The series contributed in no small measure to the celebrity status that Michael enjoys today. As Malarkey became more and more popular with viewers, he had his role upgraded to a regular series from season six and until the end of season eight.

2017 was a good year for Malarkey. Not only did he play Dizel in the action-drama series Jean-Claude Van Johnson in Amazonas Studios, but he also played Cinch Barton in the crime thriller A Violent Separation and Sam Foster in The Oath. Since entering the acting profession, he has appeared in three films, seven television shows, and six plays.

Malarkey is not only an actor but also a singer. In September 2017 he released his debut album “Mongrels” in full length. Several music videos followed, and as at the time of writing this article, the entertainer filmed the role of Captain Michael Quinn for the History Channel’s Project Blue Book. Shortly thereafter he finished his tour of Europe for his second full-length album Captain Solitaire.

His Wife and Family

Michael was born as the son of Jim Malarkey and Nadia Malarkey. He has two brothers, Daniel Malarkey and Kevin Malarkey. Michael Malarkey is currently married to the actress Nadine Lewington, an English television, soap opera, and film actress born on October 15, 1980, in Chelmsford, Essex, Great Britain. The couple married in 2009 and have a son named Marlon Malarkey.

Michael Malarkey Wife, Family, Height, Age, Biography, Other Facts
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Height and Other Facts

The star of the Vampire Diaries is known for his good looks. It was a prominent part of his time in the television series. This, along with his sexy British accent, was a prominent feature of his time on the television series. Michael has a well-adapted body, which is 176 cm tall and weighs 73 kg. Below are more facts about the actor.

1. He is of Arab-Italian origin

If you just look at him and hear him speak, you might not notice that he is of mixed origin. The actor’s mother, Nadia, is of Arab-Italian origin, which Michael makes part Arabic and part Italian according to the science of DNA. That is not all, his dad is an Irish-American father.

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2. He wants to be a diversified creative individual

By the standards of acting, Michael could be considered an already successful actor. But he does not want his creative career to be defined by a single project, especially his most popular project, The Vampire Diaries.

In his opinion, creative people owe it to themselves to express themselves in different forms and styles and not to be pigeonholed for the rest of their lives. It is certainly a conviction that is close to his heart not only as an actor but also as an active musician with two albums and a European tour.

3. He’s a Cancer

Malarkey, born on June 21, falls under the Cancer zodiac sign. If you are a Zodiac believer, you can expect Malarkey to be deeply intuitive, emotional, sensitive, and sentimental.

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