Rhonda Worthey Bio, Celeb Profile and Facts About Troy Aikman’s Ex-Wife

Rhonda Worthey Bio, Celeb Profile and Facts About Troy Aikman’s Ex-Wife

Given the high rate of divorce cases in celebrity marriages today, it seems a commendable achievement to see celebrity couples who have remained as man and wife for up to a decade. In this regard, Rhonda Worthey and Troy Aikman can be praised for staying married for as long as 10 years. When the two sadly fell in love, they broke their marriage vows and ended the marriage with their union.

Learn more about Rhonda, what makes her a celebrity, the facts about her relationship with Troy, and what became of it in the following paragraphs.

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Rhonda Worthey – Bio, Celeb Profile

The birth records of Rhonda Worthey show that she was born on May 2, 1970, in the United States of America. She belongs to the Caucasian ethnic group, and her nationality is undoubtedly American.

Rhonda Worthey – Bio, Celeb Profile and Facts About Troy Aikman’s Ex-Wife
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Rhonda Worthey has not provided any information about her childhood life, family members, or early education. We do know, however, that she has a degree in public relations and has thus secured a position as a press officer for the Dallas Cowboys, an American soccer team that plays in the National Football League (NFL). Recently it was reported that she now works as a commentator for Fox Network.

Relationship Life (Marriage, Divorce, Husband)

Rhonda had a somewhat quiet life/career before she met and married Troy Aikman. This is not to say that she wasn’t well enough in her media career to attract public attention, but the enthusiasm that followed her relationship with the NFL star was so great that it almost drowned out what she had been doing all her life.

However, before Troy Aikman, there was another man in Rhonda’s life with whom she had a daughter. There was no mention of who this man was, nor were there any rumors about the child she had born.

Rhonda Worthey and Troy Aikman met during a training session of the Dallas Cowboys when she was working as a publicist for the team. It is said that they became friends at first and soon developed a romantic relationship that lasted a year and six months.

Rhonda Worthey – Bio, Celeb Profile and Facts About Troy Aikman’s Ex-Wife
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On April 8, 2000, Rhonda and Troy were declared man and wife. This opened a new stage in their lives and in their relationship. The following year after their marriage, Rhonda Worthey gave birth to a little boy, Jordan Ashley Aikman, in 2001. The following year his little sister Alexa Marie Aikman was born in 2002. In the years that followed, the family lived happily together.

When their marriage safely reached the 10-year mark, their foundation began to shake terribly. Despite all they could have done to save her, divorce was inevitable. In January 2011, the parents of the two separated, while on April 12, 2011, they were formally recognized as each other’s ex-husband and ex-wife.

The terms of this divorce resulted in Rhonda receiving approximately $1.75 million from Troy to support her children.

Other Facts About Troy Aikman’s Ex-Wife

  • Net Worth

Although much seems to be in the dark about Troy Aikman’s ex-wife, it has not stopped the media from keeping up with what she does from time to time and how much her wealth grows. Recent reports about her wealth say that she is worth between 10 and 20 million dollars.

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  • House

Rhonda Worthey is said to have bought a mansion after her divorce from Troy.

  • Arrest

In the first year of her divorce, August 2012 to be exact, Rhonda Worthey had a run-in with the law in a Texas parking lot, where she behaved drunk. Rhonda Worthey was arrested by two police officers and then charged with drunkenness in public. However, she pleaded no contest in exchange for 30 days probation. Rhonda was then released the same day after paying $269 bail.

  • Subsequent Relationship/s

Troy Aikman has had several relationships since his divorce from Rhonda Worthey, including a later marriage. He dated Tracy Ripsin in 2014 and in 2017 married Catherine Mooty, popularly known as Capa Mooty, whom he later married.

Rhonda Worthey has remained unmarried ever since, and there is no indication of who she might be dating. It is likely that she is fully focused on bringing up her children.

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