Where is Sean Spicer and What is He Doing Now?

Where is Sean Spicer and What is He Doing Now?

The White House has probably never before experienced so much drama in the entire history of America as during the time of President Donald Trump. With endless allegations of misconduct by the president, members of his administration were not excluded from the party either. One person who had his fair share of the drama before it came to a quick end is Sean Spicer.

Spicer was announced shortly after Trump won the elections, first as Communications Director, and then as White House Press Secretary as part of the administration before he finally decided to resign just a few months after his appointment. The short time he spent in this office was not enough to prevent the cloud of controversy that surrounded his term of office. Since leaving the Trump administration, Spicer has been involved in many things, most of which were as controversial as his time in the White House, including an appearance on the television show “Dancing With The Stars. The big question now is, what did Sean Spicer do? Let’s find out.

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Where is Sean Spicer?

Since leaving the White House, Spicer’s place in the administration has been taken by Anthony Scaramucci, who would spend even less time than Sean, and then by several others. Spicer, for his part, has moved on to other things, as mentioned, and unlike many others who have left the administration, he has not gone into hiding or led a quiet life.

Where is Sean Spicer and What is He Doing Now?
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Before he was appointed, Spicer, who was not afraid to stir up controversy, worked on various political campaigns before joining the U.S. Navy Reserve as a public affairs officer.

He also held various offices, mostly within the Republican Party, but it was only after the victory of Donald Trump in the 2016 U.S. presidential election that he came into the public eye. His first statement to the press came after he attacked members of the press who claimed that they had underestimated the size of the crowd at Trump’s inauguration and insisted that he had received the largest crowd ever at an inauguration. Period!

With a rocky relationship when it comes to facts and the press, the last place many would expect Spicer to be after his rather memorable time in the White House was in the media, but that’s where he is now, as a journalist. He was announced as a special correspondent for the news magazine Extra. This was not well received by many people who accused Extra of being cool with Spicer’s behavior as a press secretary, including his attacks on the media.

Before arriving there, Spicer had a very shocking appearance at the 2017 Emmy Awards ceremony, just a few months after he left his job at the White House. In his cameo appearance, he faked his image when he predicted that the event would have the largest audience in an Emmy “period”!

Like most of those who worked with the Trump administration, Spicer secured a book contract that led to the publication of his 2018 book “The Briefing”: Politics, the Press, and the President.

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What Is He Doing Now?

In September 2019 Sean Spicer made his debut as a candidate in Dancing With the Stars. The former White House Communications Director participated with 11 other candidates in the 28th season of the reality TV show.

Where is Sean Spicer and What is He Doing Now?
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Although his first appearance on the show wasn’t exactly electrifying, which nobody expected, he did arouse great interest among those who wanted to get a glimpse of him dancing on national television.

While he continues to dance on the show, his performance has provoked a lot of backlash from people who feel he should not have been given the podium because it would only try to normalize his infamous time as a publicist, where he lied about many things, including Trump’s inauguration and the dismissal of Michael Flynn, who was Trump’s national security advisor. Nevertheless, he accepted that he sometimes made mistakes in the service.

Apart from dancing, Spicer has other things going on for him. In August 2019 he was appointed by President Trump to the Visiting Committee of the US Naval Academy. Even more, since he left office he has been part of the Worldwide Speakers Group. Among other things, he spoke in the group about his controversial term of office.

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