Who Is Yung Gravy (Rapper)? His Real Name, Age, Net Worth, Is He Dead?

Who Is Yung Gravy (Rapper)? His Real Name, Age, Net Worth, Is He Dead?

With somewhat ridiculous lyrics and singles like Mr. Clean, Splash Mountain, Booming, Knockout, Yung Gravy captures many a heart with his silly humor and cleverness when sampling, and thus distinguishes himself from mainstream mumbled rappers. He is an American rapper, songwriter, and producer. Since 2016, he has made his songs available on SoundCloud and then on YouTube, where he has gained almost 400,000 subscribers. Let’s look at some interesting facts about him: his real name, his age, his net worth, his mortality status.

Who is Yung Gravy? – Bio, Real Name, Age

Many artists and rappers would rather sing or write songs that appeal more to their target audience, and fans like to point out shortcomings in society, which is a separate issue, but for rapper Yung Gravy, singing about what he enjoys, about food and other rather arbitrary topics is a pleasure. Since he likes to cook and likes to barbecue, he is so good at making clever allusions to food, and this might also be an indication of why he chose his professional nickname as such.

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Yung Gravy is one of the pseudonyms the Minnesota-born rapper and songwriter uses. His other nicknames include Lil Steamer, Mr. Butter, Mr. Clean, and Young Steve Harvey. He was born on March 19, 1996, in Rochester, Minnesota. Fans and netizens may know him as Yung Gravy, but for his family and close friends, his birth name Matthew “Matt” Hauri fits them well.

Who Is Yung Gravy (Rapper)? His Real Name, Age, Net Worth, Is He Dead?
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Matt attended the University of Wisconsin, Madison, where he earned a degree in marketing in December 2017. During his studies, he started rapping and did it just for fun with friends, as well as at parties and in other social functions, albeit in a reserved way. He got the inspiration for his musical style from the soul and oldies movements of the 50s and 60s and mixed his music with modern rap. However, he took the whole business of songwriting and writing seriously, having followed the rise of other rappers like Lil Yachty and Ugly God in his youth.


Yung Gravy began to record songs for himself and at first, secretly did not want to brand himself as a needy self-promoter. After some time he felt the need to quit his job as a startup artist, which he did and concentrated entirely on his flourishing music career. In 2016 he uploaded his first song Karen and in the same year, he started to publish his songs on SoundCloud, where he had found a cheap audience. Although he has a large fan base on the song-sharing website, he remained unknown on the internet until his music video landed in 2017.

His EP Mr. Clean was released later in 2017 and continued in October 2017 with a music video and a tour at the end of the year. Similar to the success the EP received, the video did no less, reaching millions of viewers in a few months. He is under contract with Republic Records and has released four eps, including Mr. Clean and a mixtape, Thanksgiving Eve, which was released on December 23, 2016. The other EPs are Yung Gravity (2017), Baby Gravy (2017), and Snow Cougar (2018). He has done a number of completely sold-out tours and has had the opportunity to perform in several shows such as SXSW in Austin, Texas.

Matt’s songs usually find a middle-aged audience, although they are also well received by people of all ages. His music has been described by critics as light-hearted, humorous, and funny, and his lyrics usually deal with random topics such as food, holiday themes, flexes, often mentioning some well-known singers and sportsmen like George Michael, Scottie Pippen, Steve Harvey. His music may not make a statement, but he certainly knows how to break a rib or two with it.

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He has close connections to artists like bBno$, Englewood, and Jason Rich, while his musical influences include Marvin Gaye, The Blackbyrds, Stevie Wonder, and Otis Redding. In addition to his musical style and lyrical content, he is also known for his pin-up album covers, vintage mannerisms, and classic samples.

Who Is Yung Gravy (Rapper)? His Real Name, Age, Net Worth, Is He Dead?
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Net Worth

Yung Gravy, the gentle but rebellious rapper, has a six-figure net worth estimated at $500,000. He likes to grow and looks forward to a future where he would venture into other projects if his rapper career does not last as long as expected. With such a mindset, his account will certainly continue to swell.

Is Yung Gravy Dead?

Yung Gravy has reached celebrity status and is therefore entitled to the ups and downs that come with it. While it is acknowledged that some of the controversies associated with achieving celebrity status can be controlled, many are simply beyond control, such as fan reactions and media coverage. And so it happened that sometime in April 2018, the news that Yung Gravy was dead was posted on the internet. The singer, however, went to his social media pages to refute the report that someone had tampered with his Wikipedia page.

He is alive and kicking and is definitely taking new steps to advance his career. Keep up to date on his social media accounts: Twitter, Instagram.

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