Yadier Molina Career Stats, Wife, Age, Injury, Salary, Net Worth And Other Facts

Yadier Molina Career Stats, Wife, Age, Injury, Salary, Net Worth And Other Facts

Puerto Rican professional baseball player Yadier Molina has made a name for himself in Major League Baseball (MLB), where he plays as a catcher for the St. Louis Cardinals. Since joining the MLB in 2004, he has become a very important player in the league and has many individual and team achievements to his credit. Here you can learn everything about him.

Yadier Molina Bio And Age

The baseball star was born Yadier Benjamin Molina on July 13, 1982, in Bayamón, Puerto Rico, where he grew up with his two older brothers.

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He didn’t grow up in a baseball-unrelated family because his father had also played baseball, although he hadn’t made it too far. He played as a second baseman and ended up as an amateur. For this reason, he made it a priority to teach and coach his boys every day when he came back from work. It is thanks to this that all the boys from Molina, Yadier, Bengie, and José made it to the Major League.

Yadier attended the high school of Maestro Ladislao Martínez in the Puerto Rican community of Vega Alta. After his school time here he decided to join the MLB without necessarily attending college.

Yadier Molina Career Stats, Wife, Age, Injury, Salary, Net Worth And Other Facts
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His path to MLB began with the success of his older brothers who were already playing in the league. Thanks to this, he already had the passion to follow suit and play impressively, as he had always done since high school, and so it was easy for Yadier Molina to be drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals as their fourth-round contender.

MLB Career, Stats, And Injury

After Yadier was signed, he played in the smaller leagues until 2004, when he made his debut in the MLB for the Cardinals. He would remain on the team for many years. After his first contract in 2010, he would sign further contracts in 2005, 2006, and 2007. His first major deal, in which he would earn more than a million dollars, was in 2008 when he was awarded a contract for 15.5 million dollars. His next contracts came in 2011, 2012, and 2017.

Before he went down for an injury, Molina had already recorded a number of figures from 2004 in terms of his statistics. He played 1799 games, scoring 6281 At Bats, 621 runs, and 1780 hits. He has also completed 342 doubles and 7 triples, 137 home runs, 817 runs batted in, and 465 walks. In addition, the Cardinals’ man has scored 687 strikeouts and an average of 0.283.

Of course, it’s not impossible for a player in any sport to remain injury-free, and Molina has his own fair share of that. However, the most difficult and most recent was on 5 May in a match against the Cubs. On that day he suffered an injury that would put him on the disabled list for up to a month after a missed ball hit him in the groin and forced him to even have surgery because of the traumatic hematoma he had suffered. After remaining on the deactivation list for a month, Yadier was activated by the team on 5 June.

Looking back on his career, Yadier Molina has achieved many successes, including two-time World Champion in the series, 8 All-Star teams to date, the Gold Glove Award from 2008 to 2015, 4 Platinum Glove Awards, and a Silver Sluggard Award.

Molina has also played for Puerto Rico in the World Baseball Classic, in which the team won silver in both 2013 and 2017. In both years he made the leap to the All-World Baseball Classic Team.

Yadier Molina Wife

Yadier Molina Career Stats, Wife, Age, Injury, Salary, Net Worth And Other Facts
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In case you’re wondering, is the baseball player a married man? Yes, he is married and his wife’s name is Wanda Torres. They have been married since 2007. The interesting thing about this couple is that they have known each other since the time they were both in high school. Their union was blessed with two children, Yanuell, born in 2008, and Arianna, born in 2010.

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Salary And Net Worth

Yadier Molina has worked very hard during the years in MLB and even before he jumped into the league. Thanks to this he has become a great asset. In 2017 he signed a contract extension with the St. Louis Cardinals, who will take him on for the next three years. The contract, which was worth $60 million, stipulated that he would receive a salary of $14 million in the first year, $20 million in 2018, and the same amount ($20 million) in the third year.

He has thus acquired a fortune worth 51 million dollars. Yadier Molina has his fortune in the MLB as well as in some sponsorship contracts which he has concluded over the years with New Balance and T-Mobile, among others.

Other Facts

  1. Yadier Molina and his brothers; Bengie Molina and José Molina have all won the World Series.
  2. In 2013 he is said to have founded a music label. The first album of his label was an album of the Venezuelan rapper Grandma 206.
  3. After his 75 million dollar contract, under which he receives a salary of 20 million dollars, he has become the second-highest-paid catcher in the history of the MLB after Buster Posey.

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