Devin Brugman Biography, Relationship With Natasha Oakley And Other Facts

Devin Brugman Biography, Relationship With Natasha Oakley And Other Facts

Devin Brugman is an American bikini blogger, entrepreneur, and model who became famous through her modeling career and her presence on social media platforms, especially Instagram.

In this article, you will learn more about her biography, her age, her relationship with Natasha Oakley, and of course about her sizzling body, which is the real reason why she makes waves in the modeling industry.

Devin Brugman Biography

Devin Brugman was born on 26 December 1990 in Oakland, California. Her father comes from an entrepreneurial family, her father had an MBA degree, while her mother is a model. She is an American of American nationality and belongs to the white ethnic group.

At the age of 4, her family moved from California to Maui in Hawaii where she attended Mount St. Mary’s College.

Devin Brugman Biography, Relationship With Natasha Oakley And Other Facts
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After graduating, the American model and fashion blogger moved to Los Angeles to pursue her modeling career.

Devin began her journey to fame as a model. She was discovered by a modeling agency when she was on vacation with her friend Natasha. The agency immediately provided the girls with a photographer who became their personal photographer.

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From childhood on, Brugman had had the desire to become famous in life. This explains why she did not hesitate to move into the business when she learned that her friend had plans to start a business career as well.

Right now Devin is doing well in the entertainment and modeling world. Her bikini products are in great demand.

Net Worth, How Rich Is Devin Brugman? 

It is estimated that she currently has a net worth of $300,000.

Relationship with Natasha Oakley

Brugman’s relationship with Natasha Oakley has come a long way. In other words, they are not only friends but also business partners who have a lot in common.

Devin and Natasha were just friends until 2012 when they began uploading pictures of a new swimsuit to their Instagram accounts. Since they brought them an impressive number of preferences and similarities, their dazzling and stunning Instagram images began to gain a large fan base. This prompted the girls to launch their own swimwear brand Monday Active Swimwear in 2014.

Born as Natasha “Tash” Oakley on July 14, 1991, in Bronte, New South Wales, Australia, Devin’s business partner are an Australian role model and influential company. She is also the co-founder of the blog A Bikini A Day, which she created with Brugman.

In her short time in the fashion industry, she has designed product collaborations for mega brands such as BikBok, Wildfox, Misguided UK, and Guess. They have collaborated with thousands of renowned international bikini designers such as Beach Riot, Vix Swimwear, and Tory Burch.

Sometime in May 2017, Monday Swimwear, the brand of Devin and Natasha, was listed as one of the top seven swimwear brands by The London Evening Standard, a London-based tabloid. Recently the girls announced that they have plans to set up one of the biggest online bikini markets and to work with seasonal collections in the near future.

Devin Brugman Biography, Relationship With Natasha Oakley And Other Facts
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Natasha Oakley, for her part, has appeared as a model and top influencer in the following international magazines: Arcadia Magazine, Cosmopolitan Finland, Women’s Health Germany, Collective Hub, Women’s Health UK, Cosmopolitan Australia, and 60 Minutes.

Other Facts About Devin Brugman

Who Is She Dating?

Devin Brugman is currently dating Daniel Yaro Unlike her former boyfriend, there is less information about the beautiful model’s new boyfriend. The couple has been together for over two years and could probably marry in the future.

Brugman rarely shares her photos on social media, but the only picture of them together was taken during Devin’s birthday in 2016.

Before Yaro’s entry into her life, Devin was dating former NFL American player Greg Little. Their relationship began in 2013 but unfortunately ended the same year. According to various sources, the couple quit because of Greg’s financial situation.

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Her Body Measurements

Devin is 5 feet 7 inches tall. She weighs about 64 kilograms, while her body measurements are 37-26-36 inches.

Quick Interesting Facts About The Model

1. The sun sign of Devin Brugman is Capricorn

2. Of course, Devin’s best friend is Natasha Oakley.

3. The model is active on social media platforms. Her Twitter account has over 67.4k followers, while her Instagram account has over 1.3 million followers.

4. The entrepreneur is an avid beach lover. She also loves going to the gym and staying healthy and fashionable.

5. A gourmet, her favorite food is noodles.

6. Devin Brugman once confessed that James Franco is her celebrity crush.

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