Calysta Bevier Biography, Wiki, Quick Facts, Where Is She Now?

Calysta Bevier Biography, Wiki, Quick Facts, Where Is She Now?

Calysta Bevier is a talented young singer, a cancer advocate, and indeed a warrior. Her meteoric rise to fame began in a place of despair. But because she is the fighter she is, Bevier has mastered her challenge and made a miracle out of it.

The young woman became an internet sensation in October 2015 after her cover version of Rachel Platten’s Fight Song became a hit. She achieved full celebrity status in 2016 as a contestant in the reality talent show America’s Got Talent. She thrilled the judges at the auditions and automatically earned a place in the quarter-finals of the competition.

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Calysta Bevier Biography

Calysta Bevier was born on September 17, 1999, in Bowling Green, a town in northwestern Ohio. Her father Adam Bevier is a firefighter. Her mother Missy Mason Bevier is also her manager and traveling companion. She has 3 younger siblings: LaVaya, Adam, and Gavin. The family has changed homes several times and currently lives in Grand Rapids, Ohio.

Calysta Bevier Biography, Wiki, Quick Facts, Where Is She Now?
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The incredible singing talents that Bevier possessed began to manifest at the age of three. As she grew up, she showed a passion for entertaining other people. She received her high school education at Otsego High School and was on the cheerleading team at her high school. She also won several talent competitions in her school. However, none of these competitions gave her the kind of presence she needed to really shine.

Caly’s path to fame officially began on September 29, 2015. And what did it take? A 4-minute video clip of the young singer with an incredible rendition of Rachel Platten’s hit track from 2015 – Fight Song. The upload attracted thousands of viewers within a short time and made the young singer an internet star.

Among the thousands of viewers who were thrilled by Bevier’s Fight Song cover was the popular TV personality Ellen DeGeneres. A month after the original upload, the media mogul posted Bevier’s clip on her Facebook page, and the video once again went viral.

In December 2015, Ellen Calysta introduced Bevier on her popular talk show, the Ellen DeGeneres Show. To top it all off, she invited Rachel’s records to this episode, and both singers performed a duet of the Fight Song. The appearance on the popular TV show brought Calysta Bevier a lot of attention, and then one performance after another followed for the talented songbird.

Calysta Bevier Biography, Wiki, Quick Facts, Where Is She Now?
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Bevier was finally brought into the limelight again when she appeared on America’s Got Talent in the 2016 season. At her audition on 21 June, Calysta wowed the jury and the audience with her outstanding performance, which earned her the “Golden Buzzer” from the not easily impressed juror Simon Cowell. The “Golden Buzzer” of judge Cowell catapulted Caly Bevier directly into the live shows.

On September 7th Calysta Bevier was eliminated in the semi-finals of America’s Got Talent 2016. However, her voice, her strength, her history, and her personality have influenced every aspect of the show – she is indeed a fighter!

Due to the demands of her flourishing music career, she resorted to online training to complete her high school education.

Where Is She Now?

After her appearance on America’s Got Talent 2016, the talented singer moved completely to Los Angeles to further her music career. She signed with a top management company and worked hard to release her own original music.

The talented singer has also won several major events where she shared the stage with big names such as John Legend, T-Pain, and Kevin Hart. Her fan base, known as “Team Caly” has also continued to grow.

As a cancer survivor, Calysta Bevier also dedicates her time as a cancer advocate to raise awareness of the disease, raise funds for cancer research, and, more importantly, to give hope back to cancer patients and survivors. She made the headline of the star-studded 2017 Philly Fights Cancer event.

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Quick Facts About Calysta Bevier

1. In summer 2015, the then 15-year-old Calysta Bevier was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer. A large lump, which the teenager had ignored for almost a year, was discovered as a tumor.

2. After the diagnosis, Calysta spent 2 months in the children’s hospital ProMedica Toledo, where she received chemotherapy. It was 2 months of pain and uncertainty, but she maintained a positive outlook on life. She was never depressed, rather she went around to comfort and inspire other cancer patients in the hospital.

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3. After her hospitalization, Bevier was invited to perform at a fundraising event organized by the family of another young patient. The viral YouTube video that made her an Internet sensation and changed her life forever was actually shot by Calysta’s father at this event.

4. Luckily for Calysta Bevier, her cancer was cured in August 2015 and she has been free ever since!

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