Stefanie Joosten Biography, Age, Height, Boyfriend and Other Facts

Stefanie Joosten Biography, Age, Height, Boyfriend and Other Facts

You will certainly be frustrated if you have the desire to learn one or the other thing about Stefanie Joosten. The information available about her is a stump. Even if you stumble upon her personal website, your luck would be short-lived. All you will learn are the things you already know – that she is a Dutch model and an actress living in Japan.

Stefanie Joosten is not only a model and actress but also a singer. But none of these professions is the main reason why Joosten is as popular as she is today. The biggest publicity she received came from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, an action-adventure video game released by Kojima Productions in September 2015. The voice and motion recordings for Quite, a fictional character in the Metal Gear series, were provided by Stefanie.

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While you may find it difficult to justify why Stefanie is considered a professional singer, you would easily come across the movies and TV shows she has appeared in. Before her role in the video game “Quite” in Metal Gear, the only acting role that can be attributed to her was the role of Mary in an episode of the 2014 TV show “Gekitsui, Sannin no Pairotto”.

The popularity she gained through Metal Gear attracted other acting roles for her. Nevertheless, the model’s breakthrough in acting is still to come.

Stefanie Joosten Biography (Age)

Although Stefanie Joosten lived in Tokyo, Japan, it is common knowledge that her birthplace was in Roermond, a town in the southernmost province of the Netherlands – Limburg. Joosten was born on 5 August 1988. The Dutch model once revealed that she neither knew nor could imagine that she would become popular as an adult. Through games, she developed an interest in Japanese culture. This inspired her to study culture and language at Leiden University, the oldest in the Netherlands.

Later she took part in an exchange program in Kyoto for one year. When the program ended, she returned to Holland to complete her studies and obtain her Bachelor’s degree in Japanese Studies. But already now she knew what she would do after her graduation, she would move to Japan.

In the beginning, Stefanie was only occupied with modeling, an acting career was only considered when her modeling efforts led her to take on small roles for commercials here and there. It was only a matter of time until she started to branch out and make this her profession.

Stefanie Joosten’s Boyfriend

The love life of celebrities has always been a topic that has interested their fans. Admirers of famous people almost always want to know the details of their idol’s romantic affairs; Stephanie’s case is no different, as it is common practice to answer questions such as “Who is Stefanie Joosten going out with,” “Is Stefanie Joosten married?” or “Who is Stefanie Joosten’s husband?

Because of this curiosity, which can sometimes be inappropriately inquisitive, most popular people like Joosten strive to keep their private lives extremely private, as it is believed that the public has encouraged the failure of many celebrities’ marriages.

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Nevertheless, one can understand why practically nothing is known about the love life of the attractive Dutch model. Although she has been seen on several occasions with different types, no one can say whether she has dated or is dating any of them. Joosten herself has not shown or dropped any signs or hints of a romantic partner. For this reason, it is widely assumed that the model is single and has focused all her passion on her career. But then, this is only a guess, it is quite possible that the lady has a romantic partner.

Stefanie Joosten Biography, Age, Height, Boyfriend and Other Facts
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Height & Other Facts To Know About The Model

1. Since 2011 she has made Tokyo-Japan her home.

2. Stefanie speaks fluent Japanese and is a big fan of Japanese games.

3. She never thought her role in Metal Gear would be a big deal. But she was super excited when she was chosen for it after an audition.

4. The Phantom Pain is her favorite game.

5. Joosten is 5ft 5 inches tall  (167 cm).

6. She has brown hair and blue eyes.

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