James Veitch Biography And Facts You Need To Know About The Comedian

James Veitch Biography And Facts You Need To Know About The Comedian

James Veitch is a renowned British comedian known for his roles in the comedy-drama film Middle of Nowhere” from 2008. He is also known for his performance in the 2006 film Papa Joe, in which he gave a brilliant performance.

The comedian, who is considered one of the funniest personalities in the world, also practices his profession in Conan, a nightly talk show that is broadcast in the United States. In 2012, he achieved immense fame when he thrilled audiences worldwide in the show.

In addition to his involvement in show business, James also earns a fair amount of money writing. He is the mastermind behind Dot Con, a viral comic book that tells the story of how he plays cheats at his own expense. In the book, the comedian tells of hilarious conversations he has had with online scammers and how he often only offers help when the recipient agrees to give him something in return.

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For so many years Veitch has been answering scammer e-mails sent to him. In the YouTube television show Scamalot, he often tells me how to bring e-mail scams to justice.

James Veitch Biography

The stand-up comedian was born in the United Kingdom on 1 April 1980, which makes him a British citizen. He has not yet revealed the names of his parents, siblings, and family members as well as information about his early life and parentage.

James Veitch Biography And Facts You Need To Know About The Comedian
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However, we have learned that Veitch studied at Sarah Lawrence College, a private liberal arts college in the United States, and later at the University of Aberdeen, a public research university in Aberdeen, Scotland.

The British comedian debuted his solo comedy show in 2014 at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Since then, he has become one of the most entertaining comedians in the world to watch out for in the future.

The Scamalot star has also earned the admiration and praise of several media houses. Some time ago, The Guardian described him as “ahead of the poetic curve”, while The Scotsman described him as “a distinguished boy with few friends from the real world”.

Facts You Need To Know About The Comedian 

His Love Life

To the best of our knowledge, the British comedian is still on the market. He may no longer be on the market, but there is no evidence to support that claim. Veitch is not yet married and is not in an open relationship. The comedian seems to focus on his career and is not really willing to get into a relationship. As a very private person, James Veitch has never talked about his past affairs, nor has he revealed whether he is in a relationship or not.

Sexual Orientation

The impostor is not gay, he’s straight. He may live his life without a woman at his side, but that doesn’t really indicate that he is interested in people of his own sex. What’s more, he’s never given us any reason to question his sexuality.

Net Worth – How Rich Is The Comedian?

The financial situation of the British comedian could be checked, as there is no information about it. Based on the number of years he has spent in show business, it is assumed that he earns a reasonable amount of money with his career.

James Veitch Biography And Facts You Need To Know About The Comedian
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Body Measurements

At the moment there is no information about the body measurements of the comedian. His height, weight, and body statistics have yet to be published. However, we can confirm that the comedian’s hair color is dark brown.


The stand-up comedian loves music as much as he loves his job. Once he told me on Facebook that he’s learning to play drums.

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Veitch is known for saying a lot of things in a unique way. While many know him as a comedian, others see him as a speaker. Throughout his professional life, he has said so many things about life, the nature of the internet, and other arbitrary topics.

However, the comedian is popular for his quote about the Internet. The statement is: “The Internet, like so many things in life, is filled with uncertainties. On the one hand, it allowed a doctor in Dubai to perform a life-saving operation on a patient in Beijing. On the other hand, it also allowed me to register a gerbil in Eton. I am not sure where I stand, that is basically what I am saying”.

Social Media Presence

James Veitch is very popular and active in social media. He enjoys a large fan base on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. He also has a personal YouTube channel through which he reaches his fans. He became popular on YouTube after the video entitled: Siri vs Alexa became viral.

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