Kalel Cullen (Kristin Smith) Biography And Family Life Of The YouTube Star

Kalel Cullen (Kristin Smith) Biography And Family Life Of The YouTube Star

Kalel Cullen is one of the many YouTubers who became famous through the video-sharing platform. The truth is, making it big as a Vlogger, especially on a platform like YouTube, is not an easy task, as it requires a lot of dedication and consistency in the creation and delivery of content. So far, it has an official channel that was launched in 2013 with nearly two million subscribers and is growing rapidly. Although she is a vlogger who wants to put a smile on people’s faces by giving lifestyle tips to spice up the lives of her fans and others alike, she is unfortunately notorious for launching a channel and then closing it down abruptly. More interesting details about her can be found below.

Kalel Cullen (Kristin Smith) – Biography

Kalel Cullen, also known as Kristin Smith, was born on March 30, 1989, in Missouri, United States of America. She happens to be a highly successful YouTube personality known for her poignant contributions and exceptionally entertaining videos. She has also described herself as an unexcused cat lady and vegan food connoisseur. She launched her first YouTube channel in 2010, a channel called “Queenbeeuty”, and it was quite successful. Then she decided to create another channel (KalelCullenTV), which would cover various fashion topics such as lifestyle and general fashion tips, which would be as entertaining as the first YouTube channel she created, but this channel was not as successful as she had hoped.

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Kalel Cullen later placed both channels in others to launch other channels that she felt were more appealing to her and more useful for her career as a vlogger. This led to the creation of the follow-up channel “Cozplai” in February 2012, where she published tips on how to make cosplay costumes for favorite characters. Only slightly more than 100,000 people subscribed to the channel, which was very disappointing. She would give it up later after she announced that the channel was too much work for her.

Kalel Cullen (Kristin Smith) – Biography And Family Life Of The YouTube Star
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More Channels And Co-host

A new channel, “WonderlandWardrobe”, was launched in October 2012. This channel was created to serve as a Vlog, DIY lifestyle, and fashion videos. Fortunately for Kalel, this new channel set the pace of her career as a famous social media personality, as it proved more successful than her previous channels with over 400,000 subscribers. Kallel Cullen soon revealed that she had plans to pursue her childhood dreams, write a book, and pursue fashion design and that it would be time-consuming to run them simultaneously with her channel. After a short time, “WonderlandWardrobe” was also deleted.

A new daily channel called WatchUsLiveAndStuff or WULAS was announced by Kalel Cullen before the end of 2013. This time it was hosted by Smosh together with her friend Anthony Padilla. On the channel, they wrote articles about the daily challenges, and it was very successful, with around 1.7 million subscribers within a few months. In mid-2014, Kalel launched a new channel, which she called kalelpadilla. The channel offered advice, humorous content, and lifestyle tips. In the same year, she and her partner split up and made this known to her fans with a video on her vlog called “Going Our Separate Ways”.

After she ended her relationship with Anthony, she started to moderate the daily vlog on her own, as she published content about her single life. This cost her station a loss of about 100,000 fans. A short time later kalelpadilla was also deleted. At present, the YouTube star has only one channel left, called “Kalel”, which was launched in 2013 and was formerly called WatchUsLiveAndStuff or WULAS. The channel has over 1.9 million subscribers. Although it posts its content on a regular basis, it usually covers lifestyle, vegan, beauty, and advice videos whenever it has the opportunity to post content.

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Family And Personal Life Of The YouTube Star

Kalel Cullen (Kristin Smith) – Biography And Family Life Of The YouTube Star
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Kalel Cullen’s career as a vlogger received a huge boost after she announced that she was dating her handsome vlogger colleague Anthony Padilla. The two began their relationship in October 2010 after meeting at a party. In one of the videos (Draw My Life) that were shot and published on his YouTube channel, Anthony described how the night he met Kalel went. He said that the two of them talked all night and discovered that they had a lot in common.

Anthony continued their relationship by proposing to Kalel in Japan after three years of being together. They reportedly built a family home together, but unfortunately, both announced their separation in December 2014. Although they had planned to start a small family together, there is no news that they had children before the separation. Although they do not run a joint vlog and no longer share their life as a couple, they have remained good friends since their separation.

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