Lilypichu Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Brother, Family and Other Facts

Lilypichu Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Brother, Family and Other Facts

Lilypichu is one of those people you would call an Internet celebrity. She is literally everywhere on the Internet, from Facebook to Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, Tumblr, and everywhere else. Still, the things you know about her are pretty sketchy. That’s a little worrying when you compare what people know about her to the notoriety she has gained through her activities on the Internet. In short, she is famous, but not really known.

Relying on online celebrities to provide information about her life has been quite useful, but still frustrating. Even if you have the opportunity to ask her about her age or get her to talk about herself, she might give in to you, but you would wonder if there is not more to find out about her. With that in mind, we’ve decided to find out as much as we can about the cyberstar’s life and reveal as much as we can. While this article reports on her biography and other basic facts related to the life of the Internet personality, it also tried to answer questions about her love life and family.

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Lilypichu Biography – Age

Lilypichu typically introduced herself as Lily, the girl with a really high voice. She became popular through the internet and is best known for the videos she uploads to YouTube. As of the time of this report, her channel on the video-sharing website – LilyPichu, which she launched on March 5, 2006, has nearly 1.5 million subscribers and has generated over 196 million hits. It is also very popular on other social media platforms.

Lilypichu Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Brother, Family and Other Facts

Lilypichu is an American of Korean descent. Although we could not find out where exactly she was born in the United States, we can say that she is very familiar with California. To some of the frequently asked questions about her at Twitch, Lily replied that she is 99 years old. This shows that she is not willing to say certain things about her. However, we have reason to believe that the online star was born on November 20th and in 1991.

Despite the fact that Lily is still trying to build a career as a dubbing artist, she has earned a reputation as a singer. Lily has a fondness for music; she started playing the piano as a child and has covered numerous songs. Besides music, she also loves art, games, anime, food, and Pomerania.

Lilypichu’s Family and Brother

Lilypichu is the sister of a younger brother named Daniel. On December 26, 2016, the cyber celebrity painted a superficial picture of her family on her blog. She revealed that her grandmother had died after she was hit by a car in the street at night.

Lilypichu added that her grandmother loved her and Daniel, that they were planning to visit her in January, as they had promised in August – the last time they visited her, Lilypichu revealed that both her paternal grandparents are dead. Her father had gone to Korea for her grandfather’s funeral, and to do the same for her grandmother was somehow desperate because it was as if he could only see his parents at the funeral.

Lilypichu Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Brother, Family and Other Facts

Lilypichu Love Life, Who’s Her Boyfriend?

Hardly anyone can say who Lilypichus’s boyfriend is right now. However, she is romantically linked to Albert Chang, a YouTube star who is quite famous as a violinist and magician in equal measure. While almost everything that is said about the Lily-Albert affair is speculated, it is common knowledge that the internet celebrity was once the love of HotshotGG’s (George Georgallidis) life.

HotshotGG is the owner of the gaming outlet – Counter Logic Gaming. The love between him and Lily ended sometime in mid-2017, which was when they stopped being lovers. The reason for their separation is unknown, but the two are still friends. Lily confirmed the end of the relationship through Instagram.

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Other Facts To Know About The Online Celebrity

1. She had an operation on her jaw once so that she could “seriously immerse herself in voice-acting

2. Many believe her flexible voice is a fake, but Lily has claimed it’s her real voice;

3. Lily has another YouTube channel – LilyRaichu – where she “does stupid things for fun;

4. She hates conflict and would avoid confrontation, especially with friends;

5. Lilypichu is always hungry and obsessed with being a professional voice actress.

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