Lud Foe Bio, Net Worth, Why Was He Arrested in Illinois

Lud Foe Bio, Net Worth, Why Was He Arrested in Illinois

Lud Foe is a fast-rising American rapper who is best known for his drill and gangster raps. He achieved fame after he released his hit singles in 2016, entitled Cuttin Up and I’m Da Man. The Chicago-based drill rapper has worked with other top rappers, including Lil Durk, Lil Bibby, Lil Herb, and Toni Romiti, to name a few. Apart from his music, Lud Foe also runs a YouTube channel called Elevator. Learn more about the talented hip-hop star below.

Lud Foe Bio

The Drill Rapper was born on July 15, 1996, in Chicago, Illinois in the United States. His real name is Will James Akins and he was born to African American parents. He has American citizenship and belongs to the black ethnic group. The foe had a difficult childhood and he grew up in a very dangerous neighborhood where everyone carries a gun to protect themselves every day. As a teenager, Lud Foe dropped out of high school after arguing with his classmate, a teacher, and his principal. He was then detained for a year, and when he was released, the teenager never went back to school. He preferred to take to the streets and concentrate on his career as a rapper.

Lud Foe Bio, Net Worth, Why Was He Arrested in Illinois
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Career And Rise To Fame

The I’m Da Man rapper began spitting up bars at the age of four, and after his cousin heard him rap, he encouraged him to find a career in music. During his teenage years, Foe was inspired by listening to other songs by other gangster rappers, including Master P, Ice Cube, and Gucci Mane, to name a few. Later, he met another young rapper named KidWond3r, with whom he would later release his first song together. The duo got together while KidWond3r did the beats; Foe, on the other hand, raps to rhyme with the beats. KidWond3r produced some of Foe’s songs, including Cuttin Up, which attracted more than twenty million viewers.

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The young and fast-rising rapper broke into the music scene in 2015 after releasing his first hit jam, Tiled 187. The song, produced by Bxnk-Roll Records, became a commercial success and put Lud Foe in the spotlight. The following year, he released another buzz track called I’m Da Man, and Suicide and Cuttin Up followed that same year. He also launched a mixtape called Boochie Gang.

The foe had an accident in 2017 and almost lost his life. After his recovery, he dropped another mixtape called GetWellFoe. After the album was released, it found its way into the iTunes hip-hop Top 100 charts, and one of the tracks called Recuperate is still one of the most successful songs to date. It has been viewed over seven million times on YouTube alone.

Net Worth: How Much Is Lud Foe Worth?

The rapidly rising artist was successful in his rap career and currently leads a decent lifestyle. He has gained a lot of popularity through his hit tracks and his unique rap style. Lud Foe has an estimated net worth of over $250,000. He earns his fortune through his shows, album sales, and other ventures.

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Why Was He Arrested In Illinois?

In December 2017 Lud Foe was arrested by the Joliet Police in Illinois. He was convicted of domestic violence involving his pregnant wife and her mother. The incident occurred in his apartment in Cumberland Court, Plainfield, after a heated argument between the rapper and his 24-year-old pregnant partner. His girlfriend said Lud Foe punched her in the face when he pushed her from her bed in her apartment. However, when her mother tried to intervene, Foe is also said to have slapped her and pushed her away.

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In addition, the rapper prevented her from contacting the police, which caused her mother to push the panic button, and the police in Joliet were alerted. Upon arrival, Lud Foe was arrested and charged with domestic violence, and she was also hindered in reporting domestic violence to the police. He was checked into Will County Prison and was later scheduled to appear in court.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time a rapper has been convicted of domestic violence. Some other prominent and well-known rappers such as Dr. Dre, Fabulous, Nasir, and Eminem, to name a few, also have a history of domestic violence and domestic abuse.

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