Who Is Richaun Holmes? Facts About The NBA Center, Power Forward

Who Is Richaun Holmes? Facts About The NBA Center, Power Forward

NBA player Richaun Holmes has steadily improved in his career since he turned pro in 2015 when he was 37th in the Philadelphia 76ers, and in 2018 he switched to the Phoenix Suns in exchange for money. This move was a positive step for Holmes, whose name now lies on the lips of many NBA lovers. Follow us as we try to reveal everything about the 6-foot 10-inch center and the power forward.

Who Is Richaun Holmes?

Ignore his many tattoos and his smooth face that makes him look like a racket. Richaun Holmes is far from what his physical appearance could ever say about him. He was raised in a very strict home, who watched his every move and made sure that he never had the chance to stand too far away from his home training.

Who Is Richaun Holmes? Facts About The NBA Center, Power Forward
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He was born in Richaun Diante Holmes on October 15, 1993, in Lockport, Illinois. His parents Richard and Lydecia Holmes, who married in 1984, are both Doctors of Theology, an advanced degree in theology. Celebrities such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Billy Graham have also been awarded the degree.

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Since 1990, three years before Holmes was even born, his parents have been senior pastors at Morning View “Word” Church, a Baptist church in southern Chicago.

Holmes gave his parents their fair share of the teenage rebellion, but gradually, as he matured, he grew in faith. Richaun is very proud of his Christian faith, as can be seen from his biography on his social media pages. The words “Christian 1st” can be seen in both his Twitter and Instagram biography.

Who Is Richaun Holmes? Facts About The NBA Center, Power Forward

Facts About The NBA Center, Power Forward

1. He has his brothers to thank for the quality of player he has become

Richaun is the youngest son in his family and has three older brothers. All his brothers played basketball in high school, but none of them had what it takes to be a professional. Nevertheless, as a child, they were tough competition for Richaun, which served as a catalyst to quickly improve his skills. Richaun is the largest of his three brothers.

2. No NCAA Division 1 varsity team showed interest in him until later

Holmes attended his local Lockport Township High School. Originally he played as a guard, but after he grew from 5’10” to 6’11”, he started playing in the front position. Despite the rapid growth in height, Holmes did not receive scholarship offers for basketball in Division I. But after he signed up to play for Moraine Valley Community College, it was Bowling Green’s turn. Holmes played a year at Moraine Valley before joining Green. Under the guidance of Chris Jans, he became a more versatile player, improving every aspect of his game. Among his college highlights were the third-team All-MAC in 2014, the first-team All-MAC in 2015, and the MAC Defensive Player of the Year in 2015.

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3. His professional career has shaped up nicely thus far

Richaun Holmes’ NBA career has seen a steady rise. On July 31, 2015, he was signed on, and on November 9, 2015, he made his first start in the national team. He ended the year with a new season highlight of 18 points. In 2016 Holmes earned a salary of over $1 million with the Sixers.

In early 2017, his career took a turn for the worse when he was assigned to the Delaware 87ers of the NBA Development League three times. As a result, he missed 16 consecutive Sixers games between December 16 and January 20. But the power forward paid off, and soon NBA fans were seeing more of his skills.

This was due in part to Nerlens Noel’s Sixers trade and Joel Embiid’s absence due to injury. Holmes had his own role to play as he proved a worthy fixture in the team rotation by defeating Jahlil Okafor. Towards the end of March 2017, Holmes scored a new career-high of 25 points in a game against the Atlanta Hawks. On July 20, 2018, he switched to the Phoenix Suns.

4. Holmes is a family man

Who Is Richaun Holmes? Facts About The NBA Center, Power Forward

Growing up with strong family values, Holmes lost no time in starting his own family. He is the father of a son RJ who was born on June 13, 2016. Although he often shares photos of his son, Holmes has never shared pictures of his child’s mother. However, in a Twitter post on December 7, 2016, Holmes revealed that he is a married man.

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