Nia Peeples Spouse, Children, Husband, Family, Age, Measurements

Nia Peeples Spouse, Children, Husband, Family, Age, Measurements

Nia Peeples, one of the best entertainers and actresses in show business, is indeed a feast for the eyes in the industry. She is not only an actress but also a dance music singer whose unique talent has attracted many fans around the world. You will soon learn more about the actress and singer whose breakthrough began when she was very young.

Nia Peeples Bio, Age

She was not always so famous, she started her singing career with the Young Americans, a performance group based in California where she was born. Nia, who grew up in Western Covina, was born on December 10, 1961, as Virenia Gwendolyn in Hollywood as the daughter of her parents Elizabeth Joan (née Rubric), her mother, and Robert Eugene Peeples, her father. For Nia, it was both a matter of passion and innate talent, as she took after her mother – a flamenco dancer.

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Her inclination for music was further encouraged when she joined the Young Americans. The group brought out the very best in Peeples, whose exceptional talent climbed to number 1 in the Hot Dance Music/Club Play charts. One of their most successful hits was Streets of Dreams, which reached the Top 12. All You Can Dream followed in 1986 and became a huge success.

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She also explored the world of acting in the ’80s when she appeared as acting student Nicole Chapman in the television series Fame. North Shore was her first official film in 1987 after she played the character of Kiani. After that, she appeared in many other movies while she continued to grow in the industry.

She gained popularity in the film Pretty Little Liars, in which she played the character of Pam Fields, the mother of Emily Fields. Not only was she nicknamed Pam Fields, but she was also given the name Karen Taylor from her role in the CBS soap The Young and the Restless. She also played the role of Sydney Cooke in Walker, Texas Ranger.

Peeples’ Family – Husband, Children, Spouse

Nia’s successful career may have had much to do with her failed marriages, but only the star can testify to that. The talented entertainer was married four times, each of the marriages ending unexpectedly.

She was first married in 1984 to Guy Ecker, a Brazilian-American actor known for his role in telenovela cafe con aroma de Mujer. However, their marriage broke up after two years in 1986 when they divorced in 1986. Peeples soon moved on and became entangled in Howard Hewett. The two cultivated their relationship and in 1989, three years after the failure of their first marriage, they formed a bond of marriage. Nia and Howard had their child, a son, Christopher Hewet, the following year -1990. The couple’s marriage lasted four years, after which they were divorced in 1993.

Years after her second marriage, Nia began a relationship with Lauro Chartrand. Nia Peeples and Chartrand entered into a marriage in 1997 and in the following year – 1998 – they had a daughter – Sienna Noelle Peeples Chartrand. However, they filed for divorce in 2004 after 7 years.

Nia Peeples Spouse, Children, Husband, Family, Age, Measurements
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After their divorce, Nia Peeples soon moved on with Sam George, who later became her fourth husband. Sam George, also American, is a professional surfer, writer, and director. His remarkable achievement through his skills earned him the Sports Emmy Award for outstanding sports documentary series.

The once-happy marriage was taken to court in 2015 when Peeples filed for divorce from George. Days before their eighth wedding anniversary, the singer and actress applied to end the marriage due to irreconcilable differences.

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The divorce has not yet been finalized, as the estranged couple is gradually winding up the legal proceedings. Peeples has claimed ownership of her house in Malibu, which is estimated at $875,000. They are also seeking a settlement on their Las Vegas condo, which is part of their community property valued at $91,000. There is more: the star of Pretty Little Liars has also asked to keep her 2005 Honda Element.

Peeples and George did not have children together. In total, Peeples has two children, a son and daughter of husbands Howard Hewett and Lauro Chartrand.

Her Height, Weight, Other Measurements

For a singer and an actress, Nia Peeples has the perfect body, probably the reason why she effortlessly attracts the opposite sex. She is 1.75 m tall and weighs 55 kg. The brown-eyed beauty wears a 34C for her bra and has a height of 34-24-36.

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