Phil Heath Wife, Divorce, Girlfriend, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age

Phil Heath Wife, Divorce, Girlfriend, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age

You can learn a lot from the life of superstar bodybuilder Phil Heath. Aside from the willingness to try a particular endeavor several times until you get the desired results, you can also learn how to keep coming back to the drawing board to give a new chance to an endeavor that initially proved to be a failure.

It is these characters who help create a true champion, and with the same willpower and determination, anyone can achieve glory, just like Phil.

Phil Heath Bio (Age)

Phillip Jerrod Heath, popularly known to his fans as Phil Heath, was born in Washington, USA on December 18, 1979. Phil, whose nationality is American and whose ethnicity is African-American, grew up as an active and athletic child.

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Although it was super difficult to obtain factual information about the identity of his parents and siblings, we can say that his parents were too busy during his childhood to give him enough attention, as they had a successful career that Phil started his own business at an early age. On his own, he was able to learn many basic survival techniques such as cooking and other household chores.

Phil Heath Wife, Divorce, Girlfriend, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age
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Phil’s early education can be traced back to Rainier Beach High School, where he eventually joined the school’s basketball team. His achievements on the team gave him the opportunity to go to the University of Denver in Colorado on a full athletic scholarship. While studying business administration and IT at the University of Denver, Phil continued to study basketball.

While training for basketball, he became interested in the powerhouse. Inspired by the spirit of camaraderie and the hard work of his friend who visited the Strength Room, Phil made a conscious decision to join them. Originally, the budding bodybuilder saw weightlifting as a way to improve his bounce and presence in basketball. But after a while, Phil actually got tired of playing basketball.

The belief that basketball did not have the niche potential for the level of height he desired began to sink into his psyche, and that was when he made another conscious decision to return to the weight room, which eventually became his refuge. The fact that Phil had three jobs, including hopping in nightclubs, web development, and training at the basketball academy, did not stop him from bodybuilding training, which eventually led him to play with the idea of creating a great body as a life goal.

In 2002 he started to take bodybuilding seriously. He started reading bodybuilding magazines to learn as much as possible about effective training strategies, nutrition, and supplements.

His first competition was The Rocky Mountain Northern Physique Committee, where he was crowned champion. This earned him the nickname “The Gift”. He secured second place when he completed a second time and earned the title of “Mr. Colorado” when he competed in the NPC Colorado State Show. As a result, he received sponsorship contracts with renowned brands. In 2007 Phil performed at the New York Pro Championships and the Colorado Pro Championships and won both competitions, which gave him the impetus to compete at the Arnold Classic, where he finished 5th.

Today, Phil is known as a six-time Olympic champion, which he won from 2011 to 2016 in a row. In 2014 the superstar was crowned bodybuilder at the golden anniversary of Mr. Olympia. So far, he has drawn with Dorian Yates’ record, from which he is one win away, the 7-time record of Arnold Schwarzenegger, and two victories away from the man at the top, Ronnie Coleman, who has a total of eight victories to his name.

Phil Heath Wife, Divorce, and Girlfriend

The superstar bodybuilder and his girlfriend Jennie Laxson were together for several years before they decided to tie the wedding on June 23, 2007. After eight long years of marriage, the couple’s marriage began to develop problems.

Phil Heath Wife, Divorce, Girlfriend, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age
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The cause of the friction was not disclosed to the public, but it is on record that Phil filed for divorce in 2015, which was finalized before the end of the year.

Thus the couple was officially divorced in 2015, but there was no record of offspring from the union. For his part, Phil has not put his love life on hold, he is currently in a relationship with a beautiful model named Shurie. She is said to be from the mile-high city of Arizona.

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Net Worth – How Rich Is Phil?

Although the veteran bodybuilder’s salary is not known, his current net worth is estimated at $5 million. Of course, the man has accumulated his wealth through the championships he has participated in and a handful of sponsorship deals.

Although this figure, given as his net worth, is most likely not an accurate estimate of Phil’s wealth, the value of the man’s wealth is expected to increase in the near future.

Phil Heath’s Height and Weight

The weight of the heavyweight bodybuilder varies between 111.1 and 115.7 kg (245 and 255 lb). The man is 9 inches taller than 175 cm (5 feet) and the details of his body statistics can be broken down as follows

Thighs: 30 inches

Chest size: 54 inches

Calves: 20 inches

Arms: 22 inches

Neck: 18.5 inches

Waist: 36 inches

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