Nicole Arbour Bio, Net Worth, Abusive Relationship With Matthew Santoro

Nicole Arbour Bio, Net Worth, Abusive Relationship With Matthew Santoro

Former Toronto Raptors cheerleader, who became a comedian, singer, and actress, Nicole Arbour is a versatile Canadian entertainer who has tried her hand at almost everything to become a celebrity and succeed.

She eventually achieved worldwide fame after creating the infamous YouTube video entitled Dear Fat People. In the video, she condemned overweight people and added that they deserved to be shamed. She also said that depressed people can cure themselves of depression by believing that they are not.

Nicole Arbour Biography

Nicole Arbour was born on 26 June 1985 in Hamilton, Canada. Little is known about her parents and her early childhood. However, it is said that she liked to dance as a child.

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Arbour attended Humber College, where she took an active part in theatre as well as dancing. Thanks to her talent, she rose to the rank of captain of the Canadian All-Star Dance while still a student. Later she became a cheerleader of the Toronto Raptors of the National Basketball Association.

In her new job, Arbour gained a lot of attention and worked with top-class artists like Mariah Carey. Her dancing skills ensured that she was able to excel in choreography and she was commissioned to choreograph the KTU 103.5 Miracle on 34th Street event in 2001.

Nicole Arbour Bio, Net Worth, Abusive Relationship With Matthew Santoro
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After conquering the dance scene, Arbour tried her hand at acting. She loved the limelight so much, and being someone who has a great sense of humor, she also immersed herself in comedy. As an actress, she appeared in a number of movies including Howie Do It and Silent But Deadly. She began her music career in 2010, but released her first single three years later, in April 2013, entitled Bang-Bang. One year later she released another song, which was released together with a video called Fun Revolution. The song happened to be the first music video to debut on Periscope.

As a comedienne, Arbour was considered a promising up-and-coming act. Her kind of comedy was filled with dark humor, which upset most people, but also delighted others who had a stomach for it. She took on more and more difficult topics, as she offered new perspectives on these subjects. Her beauty and her comedic abilities earned her the unofficial title “The World’s Sexiest Comedian”. In April 2015 she was nominated as a finalist for “Best Comedian” at the Shorty Awards. However, she lost to Hannibal Buress.

Nicole Arbour was also a motivational speaker for the #GoTeam movement. After a bad car accident, in which she suffered from chronic pain for a long time and in which she had suicidal thoughts, she uses her voice to motivate other people. She once said that depression is in the mind of the person affected and that she won her fight against it by not thinking about it. She said she used her hatred of the word “disabled” to motivate herself to get better. This led to a serious public backlash.

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However, she became least known when she made the now-infamous video “Dear Fat People” in which she advocates fat shame on her YouTube channel. The video was distributed via social media and found millions of viewers. It sparked a huge controversy, which led to YouTube temporarily removing the video from its website for alleged violations of its terms of use. However, the video was made available again, but this time with comments disabled as people began threatening its author on it.

Hollywood celebrities and the mainstream media joined the criticism of the video, but Arbour remained unexcused. It earned her so much fame that she appeared on talk shows to defend her actions. She insisted that the message on it wasn’t mean, it was just a satirical comedy.

Nicole Arbour Bio, Net Worth, Abusive Relationship With Matthew Santoro
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Abusive Relationship With Matthew Santoro

Nicole Arbour has been in a number of high-profile relationships. She met with Travis Stanley in 2008 and then with Matt Webb in 2012 until 2014, but her most famous relationship was with Matthew Santoro, another YouTube star, with whom she broke up in 2015.

Their relationship became a topic of public discussion after Santoro released a video entitled “My Abuse Story” in which he claimed that Arbour abused him physically and emotionally. He also claimed that she made him break off relationships with his friends and family because of their problems with jealousy. Arbour published her own video to deny the allegations.

Nicole Arbour Net Worth

There are contradictory reports on the exact net asset value of Nicole Arbour. Her YouTube channel and her successful comedic and choreographic career have compensated her appropriately. Some reports put her net worth at $300,000, while others estimate it at $2 million.

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