Sue Aikens Bio, Husband, Son, Age, Appearance On Life Below Zero, Wiki

Sue Aikens Bio, Husband, Son, Age, Appearance On Life Below Zero, Wiki

Sue Aikens is a television personality who became known through her documentary television show “Life Below Zero”, which is broadcast by the National Geographical Channel.

Bio, Age

Susan Aikens was born on July 1, 1963, in the small town of Mount Prospect, Illinois, Chicago. However, she grew up in Alaska because her mother moved with her to the state when she was a child. As she grew up in a sparsely populated state, she learned to love the place mainly for its rich wildlife, landscape, forests, and mountains. She struggled through life, and this made her immune to the harsh conditions of life such as hunger, thirst, extreme weather conditions, etc.

There is not much information about her personal life. Little is known about her family life either. It is not known whether she has brothers and sisters or what happened to her father. The only indication of her educational background is that she attended the Lowell Whiteman School. Most of what is known is the information she disseminates on her social media platforms, especially Twitter from time to time. However, Aikens is an American nationality and her ethnicity is white.

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Appearance On Life Below Zero

Sue Aikens became a star after joining the company and became a cast member of the documentary series Life Below Zero, produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) for the National Geographic Channel. The television program documents the daily lives of people trying to survive in the coldest temperatures – below zero degrees – and is confronted almost daily with wild animals like wolves, bears, and foxes. In the television series, which was the first broadcast in May 2013 and is already in its ninth season, Aikens stars alongside Glenn Villeneuve, Andy and Kate Bassich, Chip and Agnes Hailstone, James Franzo, Erik and Martha Mae Salitan, and Jessie Holmes.

Sue Aikens Bio, Husband, Son, Age, Appearance On Life Below Zero, Wiki
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Sue Aikens’ continued appearance on the show seems to be nearing its end, as the television personality has an ongoing legal battle with the producers of the television documentary. She filed a lawsuit against her in February 2017, claiming that the conditions under which she is forced to work made the work environment unsafe, which in turn caused her emotional stress. She further explained that the producers let her work without a face mask or helmet, which was detrimental to her health. She also claimed that she was driving a snow machine during the accident, which she had to drive, although the crew behind the camera delayed her rescue because they wanted more footage of her struggle with the injury.

Although the lawsuit was registered in 2017 and the case is still pending in court, Aikens continued to promote the series on her social media platforms while also appearing in the series’ recently released episodes, leading some to suspect that these episodes were shot before the trial. Sue Aikens is worth more than $500,000, and her net worth comes from her career as a television personality, which has seen her participate in several (approximately three) television series.

Sue Aikens’ Family, Husband, Son

Sue Aiken is a person who does a perfect job when it comes to separating her professional life from her private or family life. There is no specific information about her married life or her husband. Only through a tweet in March 2017 did we learn that she was married three times and that two of her husbands were dead. The tweet was a cheeky answer to the question of a young man (probably) who asked her if he could come and live with her. She replied that she had been married three times and that the two husbands had died as a means of escape, indicating that there was something about her that was meant to frighten the young man in question. It is also known that the other husband, who did not die, left her to be with a younger woman, while she took care of her grandson who was suffering from cancer.

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She also has a son whose existence was also known on Twitter. Aikens posted a picture of him on her Twitter account at his wedding she attended. Her son, whose name is not known, married his longtime girlfriend in October 2016. Besides her son, Sue Aikens has two daughters and grandchildren whose names are also unknown. Her daughters are both married and live with their families in the United States.

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Other Facts About Sue Aikens

The star has already appeared in other reality TV series such as Sarah Palin’s documentary Alaska and Flying Wild Alaska before she joined the National Geographic documentary in 2013.

She was attacked by a bear but miraculously survived after killing the animal. The incident happened in 2007, leaving her with deep wounds and she was treated only after ten days when she was found lying helpless by a local pilot.

She has phagophobia – that is the fear of ice or frost – because she once almost drowned when the ice collapsed beneath her.

She lives at the Kavik River Camp in Northern Alaska. She uses the camp as a B&B, where she charges up to 350 dollars a night for hunters and adventurers who come to experience an adventure in the wilderness.

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