Who Is Jordyn Woods, What Is Her Net Worth, Who Are Her Parents?

Who Is Jordyn Woods, What Is Her Net Worth, Who Are Her Parents?

In many circles, it is said that Jordyn Woods became a star simply by being associated with Hurricane Kylie Jenner, but the truth is that the model’s personality simply has something about it that would have made her famous with or without Kylie. Apart from that, there’s no denying that the friendship with Kylie has certainly smoothed some crooked paths. She’s gone well with the tides and has become a star in her own right; here is everything there is to know about her.

Who Is Jordyn Woods

The streets of Instagram could not be more grateful for the birth of curvy former plus-size model and social media celebrity Jordyn Woods on September 23, 1997, in Los Angeles, California, where she was bred. She was raised alongside her younger sister by her mother Elizabeth, who is a photographer and talent/brand manager. Her father was a television sound engineer.

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Because of her parents’ professional career, Jordyn spent a lot of time with entertainers, was in the spotlight, and colored in a really good way. Her modeling career began at the age of six when she worked as a child model for the Ford Modeling Agency. She then tried her hand at social media until she turned thirteen and moved to Calabasas where she met and became friends with celebrity Kylie Jenner.

Who Is Jordyn Woods, What Is Her Net Worth, Who Are Her Parents?
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Soon after, she started – first with the six-second video app Vine, with which she gained a huge fan base and published videos on general lifestyle. After sampling a little of the success that awaited her on the Internet, Jordyn Woods went on to create her Instagram account, which was certainly one of her best decisions ever, as images of her very baggy body attracted millions of followers, which in turn caused model agencies to knock on her door. Jordyn soon became a plus-size model and worked with agencies like Wilhelmina International, making headlines as one of the most sought-after plus-size models in the United States.

While Jordyn was doing her thing as a model, she hardly knew that the great trust she put in her body sent a very positive message to her fans to love themselves for who they are. It could have been an accident, but suddenly she was talking about body positivity and self-acceptance when it seemed to be the next step. As if fame through mere modeling wasn’t enough, Jerry’s n’s following escalated by leaps and bounds as she became a conscious spokesperson for body awareness.

The curvaceous model, who trod the paths of body sensitivity, was awarded an advertising contract as an ambassador for a trendy clothing line that caters to women’s fashion needs in plus sizes. The line is called Lovesick and its goal is to give curvy women a good body feeling.

What Is Jordyn Woods Net Worth

For someone as young and versatile as Jordyn, there is no doubt that her net worth is something to keep a close eye on. Moreso, the friendship with Kylie Jenner of the Kardashian/Jenner clan was certainly an asset for the beautiful young model. She had several appearances in the reality show Keeping up with the Kardashians and was a key cast member of the spin-off Life of Kylie.

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Among the many sources of income the young Jordyn has, she signed a modeling contract with Wilhelmina International, which is certainly no joke for an aspiring model, she earns money on sponsorship deals like the one with Lovesick and as a social media celebrity, she certainly makes a decent amount of money. In August 2018 she launched a street-style activewear line called SECNDNTURE with great success.

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But lately, her business collaboration with her best friend Kylie for a beauty collection seems to be the only thing to talk about, because if the new line is anything like Kylie Cosmetics, it will increase Jordyn’s net worth by several quarters.

In addition to the Djing, she started in 2017, all this has increased Jordyn Woods’ net worth to $5 million at the moment. She also owns a Mercedes Benz AMG GLE 63 Coupe, which Kylie gave her for her 20th birthday.

Who Are Her Parents?

You only have to look at her parents to see where Jordyn Woods gets her to feel for the big screens. Her mother Elizabeth has her hands in more than one cookie jar; she is a photographer and a talent/brand manager for the Woods Marketing Group, which is obviously a family business. Although he is late, her father was a television sound engineer in his lifetime.

When he was alive, it was obvious that young Jordyn was the apple of her father’s eye and shared a really close connection with him until he died in 2017 after a brief battle with cancer.

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