Nate Sudfeld Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Bio, Other Facts

Nate Sudfeld Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Bio, Other Facts

Nate Sudfeld is an American football quarterback in the National Football League (NFL) who plays for the Philadelphia Eagles. Nate comes from a family of athletes in which all of his siblings have played or played competitive sports at some point in their lives. We will deal here with many facts from Nate’s life, with his body statistics, but first, we will start with his biography.

Nate Sudfeld’s Bio

Nate Sudfeld was born on October 7, 1993, in Modesto, California. He is the son of Michelle and Ralph Sudfeld. He has two twin brothers, Matthew and Zach, and two sisters, Juliana and Sarah. His birth name is Nathan Sudfeld, with Nate being a short form of his first name. He attended the Modesto Christian School in Modesto, California. His time in high school was quite rewarding as he received recognition for his talent. Nate threw for 3,300 yards, 33 touchdowns, and 16 interceptions. He is the recipient of the Trans Valley League’s Outstanding Offensive Player Award.

Nate Sudfeld Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Bio, Other Facts
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After high school, the boy had offers from Indiana, Arizona, New Mexico, and UCLA. Nate accepted the offer from Arizona before he decided to move to Indiana instead. He earned his first start in college football against Bowling Green and finished the season with 2,523 yards, 21 touchdowns, 142.0 efficient passes, and 9 interceptions. The next season Sudfeld played as the undisputed starter as his teammates Tre Roberson and Cameron Coffman moved to other institutions: Illinois State and Wyoming respectively. With 3 interceptions and 6 touchdowns, he scored 60.5 percent of his pass over 1,151 yards. His season was shortened in the game against Iowa, however, because he injured his left shoulder and had to be operated on afterward. The next season Sudfeld passed for 3,573 yards with 27 touchdowns this year.

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As a result of his outstanding performance, the NFL was the next goal for Sudfeld, he was drafted by the Washington Redskins in the 2016 NFL Draft. He signed on the dotted line on May 9, 2016. His time with the Redskins was not particularly spectacular, however, as Sudfeld, as the team’s third-ranking quarterback, was not used in all 16 games. Sudfeld was dismissed by the Redskins on September 2, 2017.

The very next day Nate was accepted into the training squad of the Philadelphia Eagles. In November he was added to the active roster. When the Eagles lost to the Dallas Cowboys in the season finale, Sudfeld managed 19 of 23 passes for 134 yards. He had a percentage of pass completions that became a new NFL record. The previous record was 80 percent, and Sudfeld set a new record of 83 percent. When the Eagles advanced to the Super Bowl 52, Nate was active as backing for starter Nick Foles when the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots to win their first Super Bowl.

Nate Sudfeld Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Bio, Other Facts
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Body Measurements: Height, Weight, and Other Facts About Nate Sudfeld

Here are some facts about Nate Sudfeld that you might want to know about including his body measurements.

  • The footballer stands at a height of 6 feet 6 inches and weighs 227 pounds.
  • Sudfeld has had a fairly infertile and frustrating rookie season since he didn’t make a single appearance during his time with the Washington Redskins. He was the third quarterback behind the starter Kirk Cousins and the first replacement Colt McCoy.
  • Sudfeld spent the first eight weeks of the 2017 season in the training squad of the Philadelphia Eagles.
  • His college stats are impressive, as he holds the school record in Indiana for passing yards at 7,879 and passing touchdowns at 61.

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  • Nate has played college football for four years.
  • The fact that the Eagles have added the Eagles to their active roster to replace Nick Foles is a confirmation of their confidence in his ability to step in.
  • When the Eagles won the Super Bowl 52, Sudfeld, although he was active as a substitute, did not play during the game.
  • Sudfeld spent the 2015 off-season in Uganda doing humanitarian work.
  • Three of his four siblings played sports. Matthew, one of his twin brothers was a wide receiver for Brown, and Zach played in Nevada and for the New York Jets. Juliana, his sister played volleyball in Illinois while she was a student at Wheaton College.

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