Scarlett Estevez Parents, Family, Age, Wiki, Bio, Quick Facts

Scarlett Estevez Parents, Family, Age, Wiki, Bio, Quick Facts

No one can forget the nerdy and socially awkward character portrayed by Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg’s hot runaway father figure in the 2015 movie Daddy’s Home. What many may have missed is the excellent portrayal of Megan, the biological daughter of Mark Wahlberg’s character. The character was played by beauty with bright eyes, Scarlett Estevez.

She was seven years old when she played the leading role in the film, but this was not her first time in front of the big screen. Since the age of three, she has appeared in over 25 national commercials. Following the success of Daddy’s Home and its sequel in 2017, she has made a name for herself as an established children’s star. She also plays the role of Trixie in the successful television series Lucifer.

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Scarlett Estevez Bio – Age

Scarlett was born in the city of Los Angeles, California, in the United States. She has lived here all her life. There’s no public record of her education. Since her career began quite early, it is unclear whether she attended a regular school, had a personal tutor, or was home-schooled.

Scarlett Estevez Parents, Family, Age, Wiki, Bio, Quick Facts
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Scarlett was more or less only in the first three years of her life more or less unemployed. When she was three years old, she made her foray through the big screen with commercials and then with photoshoots of some of the biggest brands. She shot commercials for companies like Toyota, Apple, Cheerios, Disney, Porsche, Minute Maid, KFC, Home Depot, etc.

And then came to the films. Her first appearance was in an episode of the pilot television series Savior Dave in 2013, where she played the character known as “The Cute Girl”. Later that year she got what many call her first real movie appearance. She played the young version of a character named Ashley. The film, titled “The Magic Bracelet” was made for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Scarlett Estevez played three roles in one year when she appeared in her first feature film, And Then There Was You. She played the part of a character named Abigail.

The following year was a relatively quiet year for the talented child actress. She only appeared in a short, Nickelodeon-inspired television series titled Junior Eye.

In 2015 she appeared in two television series, The Massively Mixed-Up Middle School Mystery and If You Give A Mouse A Cookie. In the latter, she played the character, Esme Louise. She played her biggest role to date in the film Daddy’s Home in the same year. Estevez played the role of a little girl named Megan who lived with her mother and stepfather. She worked alongside established actors like Mark Wahlberg, Will Ferrell, and Linda Cardellini.

The success of this film and her excellent acting brought her to another big project. She became the character Beatrice “Trixie” Espinoza in the FOX television series Lucifer. She joined the FOX project in its debut season in 2015 and has been a regular on the series ever since.

While working on Lucifer, the actress took the time to appear in the 2017 sequel to Daddy’s Home. That same year, she appeared in the 42nd episode of season 6 of the family-oriented television series by Hallmark Channel, Home & Family.

Estevez’s Family: Parents and Siblings

Not all parents would let their little ones take over such a hectic schedule so early in their lives; Scarlett’s parents obviously thought otherwise. The child star spoke in interviews about how her parents helped her support her by tightly organizing the kind of commercial and film roles she took on. She often praises them for their support from the beginning.

Nothing is known about Scarlett’s mother, but her father’s name is Anthony Estevez. He deals in real estate through his own website. She has two siblings, an older sister named Eloise Estevez and a brother, Ben Estevez.

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Quick Facts about Scarlett Estevez

1. She was once picked over her older sister for a lucrative commercial deal

The child star’s talent shines through everywhere she goes – even against her own siblings. Scarlett’s older sister Eloise had gone to an audition for a role in a commercial for Porsche. But for some reason, Scarlett, who was three years old at the time, was also allowed to audition. In the end, she got the role before her sister.

Scarlett Estevez Parents, Family, Age, Wiki, Bio, Quick Facts
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2. Scarlett is good friends with Owen Vaccaro

Vaccaro is the child who played Dylan, the brother of Scarlett’s character Megan in Daddy’s Home and its sequel in 2017, and they were friends long before they were allowed to work together on set.

But the friendship goes beyond the two of them. Their parents are also friends. The family of Scarlett and Owen often spends a lot of time in each other’s houses and does things together. She says that working with her best buddy Owen was the highlight of her time as a member of the cast of Daddy’s Home. Owen also appeared with her in the “Home & Family” series by Hallmark.

3. Scarlett Estevez is the niece of famous actress Liza Weil

Scarlett is not the only one in the family with the acting genes. Besides her older sister, Scarlett’s aunt is the popular American actress Liza Weil. Weil is known for her portrayal of the character Paris Geller in the highly successful 2000s CW series Gilmore Girls. She has also recast the role in the Netflix adaptation of the series Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

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