Michelle Rodriguez Bio, Net Worth, Husband, Is She Gay?

Michelle Rodriguez Bio, Net Worth, Husband, Is She Gay?

Michelle Rodriguez’s first film appearance was in the 2000 sports film Girlfight, in which she played the role of Diana Guzman – a spirited young girl who decides to channel her anger and aggressiveness into training as a boxer. This debut role earned her the Gotham Prize for Best Debut Performance and the Independent Spirit Award and also led her into an amazing Hollywood career.

The next time we saw her was in a movie after the Girlfight performance as Letty in the 2001 blockbuster movie series The Fast and the Furious. She continued to play tough female characters, as can be seen in her roles as Rain Ocampo in Resident Evil and its sequel Resident Evil: Retribution, Christina Sanchez in S.W.A.T., and as Trudy Chacón in Avatar. Rodriguez is the voice behind Rosie Velasco in the video game True Crime: Streets of LA.

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Michelle Rodriguez Bio

Rodriguez’s full name is Mayte Michelle Rodriguez and she was born on July 12, 1978, in San Antonio, Texas. Her father Rafael Rodriguez is from Puerto Rico and her mother Carmen Milady Rodriguez is Dominican. She has ten brothers and sisters and also half-brothers and sisters.

Michelle Rodriguez Bio, Net Worth, Husband, Is She Gay?
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Between the ages of eight and eleven, she lived with her mother in the Dominican Republic and later in Puerto Rico until she was seventeen years old and finally settled in Jersey City, New Jersey, NJ. Before Michelle Rodriguez received her GED, she was expelled from five different schools.

With the sole goal of becoming a screenwriter and director, she attended business school, which she soon left to pursue her dream of becoming a Hollywood actress.

Michelle Rodriguez Career

She was indeed made for the silver screen, and that wasn’t hard to see even at her first audition, where she beat 350 other applicants to get the lead role in the independent film Girlfight, which gave her the first platform and sold her as a potential talent to watch out for in the industry.

Michelle Rodriguez’s performance as Diana Guzman in Girlfight not only earned her nominations from various quarters but also earned her a number of awards, including the Las Vegas Film Critics Society Prize for groundbreaking achievements by women and the Deauville Festival of American Cinema Prize for Best Actress.

Girlfight was not the last time she was seen in the role of the tough bride. In 2001 she played the role of Letty in the action thriller series The Fast and the Furious by Rob Cohen and in the following sequels. The following year she appeared as Rain Ocampo in Resident Evil and its sequel Resident Evil: Retribution. She impersonated Eden in another sports film, Blue Crush, which was released in 2002, as Christina Sanchez in S.W.A.T. and as Trudy Chacón in one of the most successful films of all time, Avatar, which also became Michelle Rodriguez’s most successful film to date.

Her other films include Battle in Seattle, Trópico de Sangre, 3 am, Machete, The Assignment, Battle: Los Angeles, Machete Kills, Alita: Battle Angel, and many others. Michelle is also a voice actor who lent her voice in the cartoon network series IGPX, as Liz Ricarro, she was the voice of the Navy in the video game Halo 2 and also sang a character in Turbo (a DreamWorks animation). For a year Rodriguez portrayed Ana Lucia Cortez in the television series Lost.

Despite her macho and tough girl portrayals in films, Michelle Rodriguez is considered one of the sexiest women in the world. Stuff Magazine had her on their list of “102 Sexiest Women in the world” and Maxim Magazine also had her on their list of “100 Sexiest Women”.

When Michelle is not involved in any project, she can be found either as a DJ, skydiving, or tactical weapons training, these three are her hobbies.

Is She Gay? – Husband

Michelle Rodriguez Bio, Net Worth, Husband, Is She Gay?
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Michelle Rodriguez has never been married but was once engaged to a Muslim friend, but later broke off the engagement on the grounds that he wanted her to convert to Islam.

In 2013, Rodriguez revealed himself to be bisexual in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. In the interview, she explained that she had gone both ways. “Men are fascinating. So are women,” she added. Since Rodriguez has been open about her sexuality, he has been dating supermodel Cara Delevingne.

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After her separation from Cara in 2014, she is still single.

The multi-talented actress has also been with the co-star of The Fast and the Furious Vin Diesel, French actor Olivier Martinez, and US actor Zac Efron. She was also associated with Lenny Kravitz.

Net Worth

The net worth of Michelle Rodriguez are currently estimated at $30 million. Her fortune is largely due to her nearly two decades of an acting career.

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