Josh Donaldson Wife, Girlfriend, Age, Height, Measurements, Salary

Josh Donaldson Wife, Girlfriend, Age, Height, Measurements, Salary

Are you a lover of baseball? Then you’ve probably heard of Joshua Adam Donaldson. But just in case your answer is negative: He is an American professional third baseman who plays for the Toronto Blue Jays of Major League Baseball (MLB). Josh Donaldson, as he is known professionally, is a sensation on the field of baseball and a tough nut to crack for his opponents.

Apart from baseball, which he has made his career in, the third baseman of the Toronto Blue Jays is also talented in golf. When he was 18 years old, he was on a local television station, where he demonstrated a golf swing that was beautiful. Even to this day, Josh is a well-known golf fan, he actually learned about his move to the Toronto Blue Jays when he watched the golf channel.

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Josh Donaldson Biography (Age)

The American-born baseball player was born in Pensacola, Florida on December 8, 1985. The young Josh Donaldson was raised by his mother Lisa French, as his father Levon Donaldson was sentenced to prison in 1992 for deprivation of liberty, sexual harassment, and aggravated assault. His father, who was released in 2007, watched his son play for the first time on September 13, 2013.

Josh Donaldson Wife, Girlfriend, Age, Height, Measurements, Salary
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The baseball player’s educational background can be traced back to Pace High School in Florida and later to Faith Academy in Mobile, Alabama, where the aspiring baseball player was known for his soccer, baseball, and basketball games and eventually made a name for himself as Alabama Gatorade Player of the Year. He received his university education at Auburn University. During his years at the university, he was active in baseball, playing in the position of third baseman and catcher for the Auburn Tigers baseball team in the Southeastern Conference.


As a baseball superstar, Josh Donaldson belongs to the league of sportsmen and women who earn annual salaries in the millions. With a flourishing career that has improved over the years, the top athlete must have amassed a healthy fortune, even if it hasn’t been released. Nevertheless, his annual salary is set at $23 million from reliable sources, and with the way his career is going, his salary could improve in the foreseeable future.

Does Josh Donaldson have a Wife or Girlfriend?

Josh Donaldson has had several relationships with the opposite sex in the past. At some point in 2016, the baseball player’s name was linked to Briana Miller’s, but unfortunately, the relationship came to nothing and died a natural death.

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From what we can filter out from social media, Josh’s youngest partner appears to be Jillian Rose, who allegedly was originally from Cincinnati. Apparently, she has been dating the baseball star for some time. According to the rumor mill, Jillian is a pretty blonde who doesn’t talk to the public, she doesn’t have much to do with social media and is known as a shy guy, but she manages to keep her husband happy and fulfilled. Jillian lived with her admirer in San Francisco when the baseball player was still with the Oakland Athletics, and this commitment speaks volumes.

Josh Donaldson Wife, Girlfriend, Age, Height, Measurements, Salary
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Currently, the couple seems to really enjoy the good things in life, considering their living conditions in Frisco. The video of their apartment that was posted on the Internet seems really cozy, and when you look at the price of houses in the city, it seems that the couple is on their way to the league of the crème de la crème of the rich and powerful that only movie stars, superstar musicians, super-rich athletes and the like can afford. Children are not yet part of the relationship, but the happy couple proudly owns a three-colored, nine-pound Cavalier King Charles Spaniel toy, named Lucy.

Height and Body Measurements

The American professional baseball player is a big guy. He stands at an enviable height of 1.80 m and his body weight, which is considered appropriate for his large height, is 95 kg. Information about the other body measurements of the baseball sensation is currently not available to the public.

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