Who Is Yangervis Solarte’s Wife? His Bio, And Other Facts

Who Is Yangervis Solarte’s Wife? His Bio, And Other Facts

Yangervis Alfredo Solarte, simply called Yangervis Solarte by fans, is a Venezuelan professional baseball player who currently plays for the Toronto Blue Jays of Major League Baseball (MLB) as an infielder.

Before making his major league debut with the New York Yankees in 2014, he played for the Minnesota Twins and Texas Rangers. Yangervis has also played for the San Diego Padres. View more detailed information about this talented Venezuelan baseball player.

Yangervis Solarte Bio

There is not much online about Solarte’s background, his early life, his parents, and whether he has siblings or not. The only information we have is that the infielder was born in Venezuela on July 7, 1987, and that it was his uncle Roger Cedeño who convinced his agent to take Solarte as a client as a favor to him.

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Solarte began his career in 2005 after signing a contract with the Minnesota Twins. He worked his way through the lower echelons of the Twins’ organization and soon reached double-A in 2009, but this season he was only able to play 16 games due to surgery on his right shoulder.

Who Is Yangervis Solarte’s Wife? His Bio, And Other Facts
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In the 2010 season, he was fit to play again, commuting between the High-A Florida State League and the Double-A Eastern League. In the 2011 season, he played exclusively with the new United Kingdom in the Eastern League, scoring 0.329/.367/.466 in 121 games.

At the end of the 2011 season, Yangervis Solarte signed a minor league contract with the Texas Rangers, which included an invitation to spring training. He spent the next two seasons (2012 and 2013) with the Round Rock Express (a triple-A member of the Rangers). During these seasons, he started in second, third, shortstop, left field and first base, and also had a .282/.331/.404 batting line and 23 home runs in 263 games.

After the 2013 season, Solarte became a free player again, and in January 2014 he signed a minor league contract with the New York Yankees. He had a good debut with the Yankees when he scored a 20at bat with four doubles and six RBI bats. In April 2014 he took up two doubles and became the first player in modern times (since 1900) to score six doubles in his first seven games in the Major Leagues.

In his second game against the Tampa Bay Rays, Solarte scored a 5-4-3 triple, and later in the same game against pitcher Grant Balfour, he hit his first major-league home run, then his second home run, a triple against the Milwaukee Brewers to win the game. Solarte held the highest batting average in the American League. By July, he had beaten .254/.337/.381 with 6 home runs and several starts at third and second base and a shortstop.

The Yankees traded Solarte for the San Diego Padres for Chase Headley alongside teammate Rafael De Paula. Just one day after Yangervis Solarte made his debut with the Padres against the Chicago Cubs, he spent most of his time with Headley (third base), but also started at second base, shortstop, and left field. In late 2014, the Venezuelan scored .267/.336/.355 goals with 4 home runs in 56 games.

In early 2017 Padres signed a two-year contract with Solarte with a club option for two more years. At the end of this season, he scored .255/.314/.416 goals with 18 home runs in 128 games. He also made 74 starts on second base, 24 on the short, 18 on the third, and 4 on the first.

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Just one year later, the Padres traded Solarte, this time for the Toronto Blue Jays in exchange for two underdogs – Edward Olivares and Jared Carkuff. After Josh Donaldson’s injuries, Solarte replaced him and became the team’s third baseman for most of April. The following month he hit his first Grand Slam in his career – the Grand Slam was played in the 11th inning in a 5-6, 6 RBI game that led to the Blue Jays’ 13-11 victory.

Who Is Yangervis Solarte’s Wife?

Who Is Yangervis Solarte’s Wife? His Bio, And Other Facts
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Yangervis is currently a widower. The professional baseball player was married to Yuliette Pimentel Solarte, who unfortunately died on September 17, 2016, from complications due to cancer.

The couple had three daughters together.

Other Facts You Should Know About Yangervis Solarte

Jays’ Infielder and father of three lovely daughters are well built, stand at a height of 1.80 m, and weighs 88 kg.

Solarte’s net worth is estimated at $15 million in 2018.

Henderson Alvarez is another Venezuelan baseball player who plays alongside Yangervis in the Toronto Blue Jays.

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