Sodapoppin (Chance Morris) Bio, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Why Was He Banned

Sodapoppin (Chance Morris) Bio, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Why Was He Banned

Chance Morris is an American vlogger, online gamer, and social media personality known under the online brand name “Sodapoppin”. He is known as one of the top vloggers on the live streaming video platform With over 1.8 million followers and cumulatively over 200 million views, Sodapoppin is one of Twitch’s biggest followers.

Thanks to a tremendous number of viewers of his Twitch followers, Sodapoppin has been able to reach the top rank of World of Warcraft professional players. He also enjoys a huge fan base on his YouTube channel, coupled with over 250,000,000 views. Sodapoppin is indeed an all-around social media mogul.

Sodapoppin (Chance Morris) Bio

Thomas Jefferson Chance Morris was born on 15 February 1994 in Austin, Texas. He comes from a fairly large family with a total of seven older siblings. One of his problem children, Dkane Morris aka Dustin Morris, is a budding hip-hop artist.

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Chance Morris was an outstanding scholar during his high school days. After graduating, he enrolled at the University of Texas but dropped out of school before he could graduate. In several circles, it has been suggested that he dropped out of school to become a full-time player. He even moved to Michigan to further his career as a professional player.

As a teenager, Chance Morris had a great love for Xbox games. His first attempt at an online gaming career dates back to the 2009 Xfire website. In November 2011 he switched to the video streaming platform Twitch. Originally an exclusive player of World of Warcraft, he has diversified his video content with his ever-growing fan base.

Currently, you can find a new game in his vlogs practically every day. He also integrates comedy videos into his content, including prank and challenge videos and gambling videos. The popularity of his channel has earned him an extensive collaboration with many famous online personalities, including his Twitch/YouTube colleague Sky Williams.

In October 2017, Sodapoppin reached one of the most important highlights of his career as a professional online gamer after he banned his colleague Dr. Disrespect from the H1Z1 Invitational tournament. The win was a great achievement for Sodapoppin, even though he did not make it into the tournament’s top ten.

In addition to his role as an online player, Sodapoppin is also involved in the business side of the game. He was one of the co-owners of the Northern Gaming esports organization, which was founded in May 2016. The company was acquired by NRG Esports in August 2017, with Sodapoppin remaining a co-owner.

Based on its online popularity, Sodapoppin founded the online shop “Teepublic”, where it sells a variety of merchandise ranging from T-shirts for children and teenagers to various other branded items.

Why Was Sodapoppin Banned

Even the most famous twitch streamers are not above the rules and laws that govern the use of the digital streaming platform. Chance Morris aka Sodapoppin has found himself on the wrong side of the Twitch rules on a number of occasions.

He has been banned for offenses ranging from sexually harassing a Twitch employee to streaming obscene videos to participating in illegal business. He attributed many of the offenses to the activities of hackers. Sodapoppin landed another Twitch ban in April 2018, but the exact reason for the ban was not disclosed.

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Sodapoppin Girlfriend

Sodapoppin (Chance Morris) Bio, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Why Was He Banned
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It is known that Sodapoppin is in a relationship with the popular Twitch streamer colleague LegendaryLea aka Lea May Currier. Although no official start of their romance was known, the two popular vloggers have been known as a couple for several years.

They had a torn relationship with as many separations and reconciliations. However, the duo seems to be made for each other, as they always end up getting back together, no matter how long they stay apart.

His Net Worth

Sodapoppin is a high-profile player and social media personality. Thanks to his impressive statistics, he is among the top 20 video streamers on Twitch, both in terms of followers and cumulative views.

We should also not forget that Sodapoppin is co-owner of the California-based e-sports organization NRG Esports. All these and several other lucrative deals bring the net value of the online media mogul to an estimated $1 million.

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